How your thermostat can save you money

Saving money on your bills is something we’re all interested in, so if you’re trying to get better at budgeting or find sneaky ways to save some pennies on your monthly outgoings then look no further than your thermostat.

The humble thermostat is more important than you think – it is a vital part of your home heating system, and using these tips and tricks you can use it to help in your quest to get better with your finances. Find out more about how your thermostat can save you money.

Adjust to suit

Yes, your thermostat adjusts, and you should be adjusting it if you want to save money! Adjusting the temperature of your thermostat alters the temperature of your home, but you don’t need to move it much to save money.

Turning the temperature down by just one degree could help you save you 10% on your heating bill in the course of a year. That’s an impressive saving for so little effort – why not try it? Now is the ideal time of year to do it as we come into the warmer months.

It controls the temperature, not the speed of how fast your house heats up

If you come home from work and notice it’s a bit cold, you might be tempted to crank up the thermostat to full to heat the house more quickly – but this would be a total waste of money and home heating oil, as your thermostat is used to control the temperature but can’t heat your home any quicker.

Even worse, if you forget to turn it down again you will waste even more money (and probably feel uncomfortably warm).

Control your water temperature too

If you use your home heating oil to heat water for showers and baths, make sure you have the correct settings here too. Normally, a hot shower is around 40oC so if your water temperature is much higher than this you are just wasting energy. Turn your water temperature down gradually until you get a comfortable level and you’ll soon see the savings on your fuel bills.


A modern thermostat will be totally programmable, so you can decide exactly when and how long you want your heating on for – ideal for cutting down on wastage. You can even link it to your phone and control it remotely, so it has even more convenience and money-saving potential.

Having boiler services and filters cleaned

Your thermostat needs to work in conjunction with the other elements of your home heating system, so make sure your boiler is serviced annually. This will help to ensure that your heating system is working at its most efficient, otherwise you could be wasting money heating your home without even realising it.

If your boiler has to work harder to produce heat for your home, this can waste valuable home heating oil too.

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