Why SuperSaverOil is your best partner for home heating oil

At SuperSaverOil.ie we truly believe we can offer you the best possible price, service and product, so here are our top 10 reasons why we’re your best partner for all your home heating oil needs.


  1. Building long term relationships with our customers

We’ve been supplying home heating oil to customers all over Ireland for years, and because we offer such a great service and price, our customers come back to us time and time again. With our secure account log in it’s easy for our customers to see their past orders and re-order easily.


  1. Choice of products

We know that not every home uses the same home heating oil type, which is why we offer kerosene, premium kerosene and gas oil to our customers. Kerosene is the most common type of home heating oil in Ireland, also known as Standard Kero, 28 second oil or simply domestic oil. It can be used in heating systems with indoor and outdoor boilers. Premium kerosene is a high performance kerosene designed to improve system efficiency, prevent sludge formation and build-up, lower carbon & deposit build-up, reduce service problems and keep fuel fresher for longer. Gas oil is an option most typically used for older heating systems in Ireland. If you’re not sure which one you need, just ask us for more information.


  1. Coverage

Our delivery network can supply home heating oil to most places in Ireland, but if you have any doubts just check our coverage checker on our website.


  1. Large vehicle fleet, so you don’t have to wait for your oil delivery

We have over 40 delivery trucks in our fleet, so you can rest assured your delivery will never be too far away.


  1. Daily price updates

With the price of crude oil per barrel fluctuating daily, we know that the only way to remain competitive is to ensure our prices are never static, and so this means wherever we can, we pass on these direct savings to you.


  1. Instant quotes

Who has time to wait around for a quote these days? With our online express quotation form you can have a quote for your home heating oil in under 2 minutes. Why not give it a try now?


  1. Online ordering

If you run out of oil suddenly, or you work shifts, you suddenly remembered that you need oil while you’re standing in a queue, you’ll be relieved to know that you can order oil anytime from us online – any time of day or night, or wherever you have internet access.


  1. 100% secure payments for peace of mind

We use RealEx Payments to accept your payment online from your computer or phone so you can be confident in ordering from us using a totally secure system to process your details.


  1. Flexible delivery

Choose when is most convenient for your home heating oil delivery, and save even more by picking a day with a tiny delivery charge if it suits you.


  1. Extra tips on how to save on your home heating oil spend

On top of all these great reasons why we’re your best partner for home heating oil, we also give you lots of tips and advice on how to save even more on your home heating oil spend, with advice on how to use it more efficiently to ensure you get best value for money.

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