Which type of home heating oil is right for you?

Not all home heating is the same, but how can you tell which is the right one for your heating system? There are subtle differences and additives from each provider which makes it a bit more confusing, but at SuperSaverOil.ie we’ll make sure that you get the right one for you. Find out more about the different types we offer and why you should choose us for all your home heating oil needs.


Most home heating systems in Ireland will use kerosene to fire their boiler, whether they have an indoor boiler or outdoor one. When you call up for a quote for kerosene home heating oil, you might have previously heard it referred to as standard kero, 28 second oil or Jet A1 Kero but they all mean the same thing. In Ireland kerosene is red or orange in colour, and we guarantee that our home heating oil is the best quality and is a great value choice for keeping your home warm and cosy.

Premium kerosene

We understand that some of our customers want to take their home heating oil to the next level, which is why we offer a premium version of kerosene to customers who request this. The main benefits of this type of home heating oil are to improve your heating system efficiency by preventing or slowing sludge build up in the tank, and keeping the fuel fresher for longer so that it works with maximum efficiency. These could also keep your boiler working better for longer, and reduce the risk of costly service bills. We supply two types of premium kerosene; Home Heat Plus, and Kero Cooker Plus, which is made for range cookers. Talk to us about these options if this is something you’d like more information on.

Gas Oil

A smaller amount of homes in Ireland have boilers which run on gas oil instead of kerosene. These tend to be older systems with outdoor boilers, so it’s not very common but we can still cater for this if you would like a competitive quote. In Ireland, this is also commonly known as 35 second oil, tractor diesel and more generally as ‘Home Heat’ and is green in colour. Contact us today if you’d like a quote for gas oil for your home or business.

How to find out your current fuel type?

If you’re not sure what fuel you currently have, there are a couple of ways to check this:

  • Log in to your secure account and check the most recent delivery
  • Check your oil tank for any stickers placed there after an oil top up
  • Check your receipts for any confirmation of the fuel type purchased

Why choose SuperSaverOil.com for your home heating oil needs?

  • We provide top quality home heating oil at super-competitive prices
  • We can deliver whenever is most convenient for you
  • Get a quote in seconds using our online form
  • Friendly team of professional staff on hand to answer any questions you might have

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