Top 8 home heating hacks to help you save money this winter

We all know that keeping your home feeling warm and cosy isn’t cheap. But did you know that heating homes accounts for over 70% of household energy consumption? So how can you save money in the winter without freezing?

Here are our top 8 hacks that will help you save money this winter and some that will keep your home feeling warmer with little or no extra cost.

1. Keep warm

It can be tempting to just put on the heating when it gets cold, but you can help yourself save money by taking a second to work out if you’d be more comfortable with an extra layer or two. A couple of warm layers over the rest of the body is such a good idea. For those with cold toes, invest in some cosy slippers, as this is where you feel heat loss most when you’re relaxing – and maybe use a hot water bottle!

Dressing warmly indoors is a great way to keep cosy while saving a lot of energy and heating costs.

2. Pay with debit card

Super Saver Oil gives you the option of paying for your oil using a debit card. Sometimes you can face a hefty charges if paying using a credit card. A debit card does not attract these additional transaction charges making it a more cost-effective payment method.

3. Check insulation

Doors and windows have gaps around the edges. Try using a heavy duty, clear plastic on the inside of the window frame to cover gaps in heavy windows. Or alternatively you can buy self-adhesive rubber seals relatively cheaply and these are easy to install.

You can also help reduce getting a draft in your home by buying or making a draft excluder to put under your window or door. Did you know that a staggering 20% of house heat is lost through poor insulation? So this small step can make a massive difference to keeping your home feeling warmer in the colder months

4. Use energy-efficient products

Energy saving light bulbs (or energy-efficient light bulbs) can last up to 12 times as long as traditional bulbs – they use less electricity to emit the same amount of light as a traditional bulb. They’re an energy efficient option, helping you to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and help save those precious pounds. Did you know that an energy-saving light bulb could save you up to £60 over its lifetime?

5. Wash sensibly

Try not to put on a half load – either wait until you have enough laundry to make up a full load, or share with your flatmates if needs be. Avoid using tumble driers at all costs. They cost a fortune to run and are simply unnecessary. Using a simple clothes horse will dry your things just as well with the peace of mind that it will cost you nothing and the added bonus … there’s no risk of shrinking your clothes!

6. Capture Hot Shower or Bath Water

Don’t drain the hot water after you’ve had a shower or bath. Instead, let the water sit and cool slowly until it has reached room temperature. This will use some of the heat stored in the water to warm up the room a bit. It will also add a little humidity to the house which is important for your well-being. Did you know that improper humidity can make you feel clammy, cold and even depressed? Controlling your home’s relative humidity levels has significant more benefits than a reduced heating bill.

Airborne moist directly influences how comfortable you feel and inappropriate humidity can wreck your house as well as cause serious illnesses.

7. Think smart and use less

You can save valuable pennies by being clever about what’s being used in your home. Make sure all your windows and doors are shut tightly, turn the lights off when you’re out of the room and only boil as much water as you need in the kettle. Don’t forget to also turn those plugs off at the mains!

Make sure you keep heavy furniture, like sofas away from heaters as they’ll prevent the room from warming up. Also, when you use the oven, don’t just close the door a after you’ve finished cooking. Instead, keep the door open as this will allow more of the heat to escape into the room. It is an easy way to use the heat that is created during cooking to its fullest potential.

8. Let the sun in

Heat from the sun is free so make the most of it. Curtains are designed to keep heat inside a room. By keeping them open during the day you will actually help absorb the sunlight, even in winter. You should never stop the natural light from entering your home.

To get the most benefits just make sure to put back the blinds and curtains when the sun is no longer in direct contact to help you retain the heat.

Don’t suffer from winter blues. Make sure you are cosy and warm in your home, without breaking the bank, by using Super Saver’s money saving helpful hacks to ensure you save money.

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