Tips to save money while you sleep

Saving money while you sleep might sound too good to be true, but we know it can be done, and we’ll tell you how! For some people, they can make money while they sleep through side ventures or clever business ideas.

This idea of passive income is great if you have a blog or similar which can generate revenue for you while you sleep, but for most of us this isn’t the case, and therefore the prospect of saving money rather than making it is much more realistic and attainable. Here are a few tips to help you start saving now.

Pile on the blankets

A few extra blankets on the bed can keep you warmer while you sleep without the need for your heating to be on – so automatically you’ll be saving money and home heating oil. If you decide against adding extra layers to your bed while you sleep, why not try instead turning the thermostat down to low overnight?

You won’t feel any difference to the temperature while you sleep and are wrapped up well in blankets. As we come into the summer months it probably makes sense to turn it down anyway, as being too warm at night can lead to a disrupted sleep pattern.

Prep breakfast

If you’re the type to hit the snooze button in the morning, chances are you’ll run out the door with no breakfast intending on grabbing something as you go. With a little preparation the night before, your breakfast could be waiting for you when you wake up in the form of overnight oats.

This delicious and fulfilling breakfast is definitely the cheaper option, and will make you less likely to spend money on breakfast on the go – you can even prepare it in a transportable container and eat it at work. Add your favourite toppings, some fruit and milk and you can have a different breakfast every day! Find lots of overnight oats recipes here.

Turn your plugs off

Anything electrical that is plugged in overnight costs you money. Doesn’t it make sense to turn these off before you sleep since they aren’t of any value to you then? The savings at first will be small, but over time this money adds up and because it has no impact on your life whatsoever (what good is the TV or microwave to you when you are sleeping?) the savings are all the sweeter because you haven’t had to sacrifice anything to get them.

Don’t leave your phone to charge overnight

Most of us are guilty of plugging the phone into the charger at the side of the bed before drifting off, but this is wasteful in terms of energy and money – not to mention dangerous. There have been an increasing number of news reports showing chargers that have overheated and caught fire whilst left unattended – there’s no doubt that these incidents could have spelt tragedy.

Instead, why not plug your phone in an hour or so before sleep and switch it off before bed? You can always top it up again in the morning for an hour before you head out to work. Less time charging is also better for prolonging battery life.

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