Tips for saving money on household bills

Who wouldn’t like to save some money on their household bills? At this time of year, every little saving counts and there’s always something it could be spent on. Saving money on your household bills and expenses can lead to direct savings in your pocket, which you can spend on other essential bills or put towards a larger purchase like Christmas presents, holidays or a little treat. Here are some handy tips for saving money on household bills and a few ideas about how you can improve your saving habits.

Plan ahead for great savings

If you plan ahead when buying home heating oil, you can benefit from extra savings by cutting down your delivery costs. This is because we can group your delivery with others close to you, and when we save money on fuel we pass those savings on to you too. So, if you can wait a few days for your delivery it means better and immediate savings for you. Find out the other ways you can save on your home heating oil bills with us.

Monthly budget planner

Set some time aside to review your expenses for the year so you can plan ahead for 2018 with confidence. Which month had the biggest energy bills, and was there a reason for this? Don’t forget to factor in birthdays, school trips, holidays and insurance costs to your monthly planner so you can plan in advance and avoid any nasty surprise bills. Use this information to plan out your monthly spend – and see where you could make some savings. If you can discipline yourself to save even a few euros per week (the equivalent of a takeaway coffee) you can quickly see significant results – just take a look at this chart which can help you save €1000 a year by being flexible with how much you save each week.

Jar method

One way of saving which people find really rewarding is to use the jar method. Every time you find yourself with a specific denomination of coin in your pocket, say €1 – you take it out and put it in a jar. It’s normally such a small amount that you won’t notice it gone from your purse or pocket, but you could save hundreds of euros this way by adding to the jar once or twice a week. Seeing your savings physically build up in front of you is also a great motivator to continue doing it, and at the end of the year you could have enough money saved for your next home heating oil bill.

Review your insurance

Home insurance, life insurance, car insurance, gadget insurance – we insure everything of value these days, but at what point does it become less about the value and more about the cost? If you’re paying too much for certain types of insurance, make sure you do your research and get a quote from other providers – going direct can sometimes get you a better deal too.

Buy on sale

Take advantage of seasonal sales and discounts to get the things you need for less, especially bigger items for the house like electric goods and appliances. Research your purchases well in advance of sales so you know exactly what you’re buying. Another tip for online shopping is to add your purchases to your shopping cart without checking out – after a few days some retailers will offer you an incentive to complete your purchase.

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