Sneaky ways to keep every room in the house warm for less

If you’re looking for some sneaky ways to keep every room in the house warm for less, then read on for our handy tips and tricks gained from tried and tested practices that we know work. We’ve taken each room and listed some easy ways you can keep it feeling warmer, without having to spend a fortune. If you’ve got any tips or tricks to share we’d love to hear about them.


If your bedroom is feeling a little chilly, even when you’ve had the heating on, it’s time to think about your soft furnishings. Swap your regular curtains for some thermal ones, and make sure the tog count of your duvet is the highest it can be – 13.5 is ideal for winter. If you still brace yourself for the chill of the bedsheets when you go to climb into bed at the end of the day, an electric blanket is a great way to take the chill off – just switch it on 15 minutes before you get in and sink into blissful warmth. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune if you don’t have it switched on for long.

Living room

Most of your winter evenings are probably spent in your living room, curled up on the sofa. If there’s any draughts or cold spots in your room, fix them for less with these sneaky ways – swapping the curtains for thermal versions, adding draught excluders to the bottom of your doors, adding a cosy rug to the floor, and caulking any gaps around the window frames.  You should also make sure there are no large pieces of furniture blocking the radiators, so that the heat can move freely around the room.


When the weather turns cold and hearty pies, soups and stews are on the menu, the kitchen quickly becomes everyone’s favourite room in the house! You can keep your kitchen warm for less when you’re finished cooking by keeping the oven door open to let the hot air circulate around the room.


When you’re having a shower or a bath, it’s important not to let the condensation build up lead to damp and excess moisture in the air, so leaving the door open when you shower is probably not advisable. Many of us though are guilty of covering the towel rail or radiator with damp clothes or towels – instead, get a towel hook for the back of the door and leave your radiators unobstructed to let the hot air circulate around the room.


It’s important to keep your attic warm during the colder months so that your pipes don’t freeze and so that you reduce the risk of damp and mould forming. When you’re out of the house at work during the day, try opening the attic hatch and let some of the warm air from the main house rise into this space to raise the temperature slightly. You can close it again when you get home, and it won’t impact on the rest of your evening – what an easy way to keep it warm for less.

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