Smart technology to help you manage your home heating costs

Technology is used to make every element of our lives easier, so why shouldn’t we use it to help manage our home heating costs? Here are some of the most useful technologies, electronic gadgets and apps that we think are the best in smart technology to help you manage your home heating costs.

Programmable thermostats

Having a smart thermostat will go a long way to helping you control the heating in your home, and the expense associated with keeping it at the desired temperature. From technologies like Google’s Nest Labs, where its smart thermostat ‘learns’ your heating habits and builds a personalised schedule around you, to PassivSystems technology which uses complex algorithms and environmental data to determine how quickly your home will reach the desired temperature, and which you can control remotely there are lots of options available to you to help you manage your home heating costs.

Energy reduction app

If you’re trying to figure out where your biggest energy drains are at home, you could do with the Energy Cost Calculator app. This handy app will calculate the operating cost and how much energy is used from pieces of electrical equipment around your home. It will also tell you how much energy they will consume in a year, meaning you have some data to back up why that laptop shouldn’t be left running all the time! Use this app to make smarter energy-saving decisions about which devices to leave plugged in, and which to keep turned off until you need them.

Electronic oil tank gauge

When it comes to keeping an eye on your home heating oil usage, a really handy gadget to invest in is an electronic tank gauge. No more knocking on the side of the tank to judge if it sounds hollow (never a reliable method), instead you can monitor how much oil you have left (in litres, and in likely days remaining) from the comfort of your living room. Knowing how much oil you have left means that you will be able to plan for more efficient deliveries of oil, meaning you’ll never have to pay extra for an emergency delivery when you run out unexpectedly.

Energy education

Teaching young children about energy consumption and how important it is to save energy is essential, but it can be a little dry at times. Instead of making this a chore, why not make it a game? You can download the Green Quiz app, and test your trivia on eco-knowledge and get more energy and environmentally conscious in the process. Once you educate your kids on the importance of energy saving in the home, they can become your own little eco-warriors.

If you’re not convinced by all this smart tech, then don’t worry – you can still get a great deal on home heating oil when you contact us. We make it easy for you to manage your home energy costs more efficiently with low cost home heating oil, cheap delivery costs and easy ways to pay. Contact us today for a quote.

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