Simple ways to save on household bills this year

Who doesn’t like to save money on their bills? If your goal this year is to tackle your finances and make some necessary savings on your household expenses, then let us help.

We know how much our customers value a great deal on the things they can’t live without, including their home heating oil, and with so many simple ways to save on household bills this year there’s no better time to start feeling better off.


Set your budget for the week, month and year so that you allow for regular expenses, like groceries, utilities and transport, but so you can still plan the occasional treat. Your monthly budgets will need to account for birthdays, presents, and big expenses like holidays, weddings or Christmas. Remember to save your loose change too – it soon adds up and can be spent on anything you like. Now is also a great time of year to look at your current memberships and cancel anything that you don’t use or that has become too expensive – there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself for free.

Use suppliers who can give you a great deal

We always offer our customers a great deal on their home heating oil and with our Supersaver options including reduced delivery costs and tips for saving even more on your heating oil, we’ve been able to keep our customers happy for years. If you’re trying to save money on your other household bills this year, look for suppliers for your electricity, broadband, phone and insurance who can give you a great deal. Many companies will offer introductory offers too so you can see savings straight away.

Tackle each room in your house with a money-saving mind

Take a different approach to saving money – look for savings you can make room by room in your house. Try these examples for starters:

  • Hallway: Seal your letterbox and instead add a post box to your outside wall. This will let you manage draughts better in this part of the house, which could help you reduce your heating bills.
  • Kitchen: Stop overfilling your kettle and just boil water you need at the time – this will help you save money on your electricity bills. Also, the kitchen is often a common spot people will leave lights on all day – try to remember to switch them off when you leave.
  • Bedroom: Your bedroom can be a trap for electric appliances plugged in all the time – TVs, chargers for devices, hairdryers, straighteners, trimmers – get into the habit of turning these off and tidying them away.
  • Bathroom: Your bathroom extractor fan is used to keep the room free from steam and humidity, but if you don’t clean the filter out it has to work harder, and this uses more energy. Another idea here is to swap your current towel rail for a bigger one, so that you can dry your towels faster and cheaper than using a tumble dryer.
  • Garage: Your garage might be a space for junk and clutter, so why not spend some time clearing it out and taking the contents to a car boot sale or selling things you don’t want on eBay or Facebook marketplace?

Simple lifestyle changes

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to switch your habits for better, money saving alternatives. Why not give a few of these ideas a go?

  • Meatless Monday – try a vegetarian dinner on a Monday night to cut the cost of your weekly food bill. These dinners tend to be cheaper, and they’re good for you too.
  • Pack your lunches instead of grabbing prepacked sandwiches on the go at work.
  • Shop at stores where you can earn loyalty points to save money off future purchases
  • Switch off electronics at the wall when you’re finished with them

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