Simple steps to make your heating system more efficient

We all rely heavily on our heating systems for hot water and keeping our homes warm, but we rarely give them much thought until they stop working. When this happens, it’s generally too late to do anything but pay for a costly repair, so anything you can do to prevent this is surely more effective. If you think your heating system isn’t working as well as it could be, then you need our simple steps to make your heating system more efficient. Find out more in our post below.

Insulating the hot water tank

Many homeowners in Ireland have a hot water tank in the hot press which is used for daily showers or baths. Make your heating system more efficient by using insulation here where you can. If your hot water is stored in a water tank, you can easily lose heat from this if it’s not insulated, and when this happens you use more home heating oil heating the water than you need to. Invest in a hot water tank blanket which is specially made to keep more of the heat in and reduce wastage of energy, and money.

Flushing the system

Flushing your heating system has several benefits – it helps to remove any sludge build up which may be inhibiting the heating process and it reduces corrosion, giving your heating system a longer life expectancy. It may require the services of a heating engineer or plumber if you’re not confident about performing this task yourself, but the good news is it shouldn’t need to be performed very often in order to make your heating system more efficient. If you want to attempt this yourself, check out this guide to flushing your heating system by a DIY expert.

Bleeding the radiators

A simple task that you can do yourself no matter your DIY skill level is to bleed your radiators to ensure there is no air trapped in these, which could be limiting how hot they get when your heating is switched on. All you’ll need is a radiator key, and a towel or bucket to catch any drips of water as you bleed them. You might need to do this for radiators that have been switched off for some time.

Servicing the boiler

Annual boiler servicing will help make your heating system more efficient by ensuring that it’s safe, and that all the parts are clean and working as they should be. Making sure that your boiler is combusting home heating oil in the most efficient way will help you to make most efficient use of your heating oil top up, giving you reason to order it less frequently, and therefore saving you money.

Ensuring the oil tank is in a good state

Your oil tank probably gets overlooked when it comes to checking your system’s efficiency but if it’s old and has damaged or leaking valves then this could be causing your system to lose efficiency before the oil even reaches your boiler. Get these replaced or repaired asap, because as well as being inefficient it could also be potentially very dangerous and lead to heightened risk of spills on your property.

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