Saving money on your fuel bill in 5 easy steps

Looking for ways to save money on your next home heating oil bill? You’ve come to the right place! At we know that our customers appreciate our great quality home heating oil, our reliable service and our friendly team, but most of all they love knowing that they’re getting a fantastic deal too.

If you want some additional ways to save money on your fuel bill, why not take a look at these 5 easy steps to help you get more for your money, without costing you an additional penny.

1. Order the largest amount you can afford

You can make great economy of scale savings by being clever about how much oil you order and when. If you order oil when you tank is nearly empty, why not order that little bit extra (being mindful of your tank’s maximum capacity of course) and save money by enjoying a lower cost per litre? While this might cost you more upfront, it could end up being the more economical option when you compare the savings over the course of a year.

As home heating oil doesn’t ‘go off’ or have an expiration date, you can keep the extra oil ordered in your tank ready to use when you need it.

2. Pay by debit card instead of credit card

Paying by credit card is handy when you haven’t got the funds immediately available for your home heating oil top up, but it can add to your bill in the form of transaction fees, not to mention the interest rate charges you might be racking up each month.

Instead, why not take a look at some of these budgeting tips and use your debit card to pay for your next oil instalment – no debt hanging over your head and no extra charges for the exact same product. We think it’s a winner!

3. Order in advance to save on delivery

If you plan ahead, monitor your oil usage and know when you need to order oil (before you completely run out), you can take advantage of our super saver delivery options and pick the day that suits you best with the lowest possible delivery charge. Running out of oil is a pain, but if you need it urgently you might also have to pay a premium to have it delivered quicker.

Alternatively, if you can wait for a few days we can group your delivery into others in a similar location to you – so when we save on delivery costs, we pass them on to you.

4. Use it economically with these tips

Once you have your home heating oil, make it last longer with careful use and efficiency measures to ensure you don’t waste it. Turn your thermostat down slightly for your radiators and your hot water supply, make sure your radiators aren’t blocked with large furniture in front of them or clothing draped over them, ensure your insulation is up to scratch and draught-proof your home to keep more of the heating inside where it belongs.

For more great tips on making more of your oil, check out some of the recent posts on our blog.

5. Order from a supplier you can trust

Hopefully the tips above will help you start saving money on your fuel bill, but the most important thing to consider is who you buy your oil from.

At, we offer our customers great quality and affordable home heating oil, and we pass on savings to our customers in any way we can, which you can see in our fluctuating daily oil prices, delivery charges and our website tips on how to save even more.

Why not get a quote from us today and see just how reasonable we are?

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