Save money this spring with your home heating costs

Are you wondering how to save money this spring with your home heating costs? We’re loving the arrival of the (ever so slightly) better weather here at, but we’re not ready to switch the heating off completely – after all, it’s not quite that warm just yet! So if, like us, you’re still relying on the heating but want to save some money, read on for some tips and advice to make your home heating oil go a little further this spring.

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Let’s start with the most important issue – you still need home heating oil, whether it’s for heating your water, or just to have in case the temperature takes a bit of a dip (as it often happens at this unpredictable time of year), so make sure you’re not paying over the odds by getting a super-cheap quote from us. We track the cost of oil per barrel every day, so we adjust our prices and pass on as many savings as we can to you. Save money this spring with a reliable home heating oil supplier who can deliver when you need it, and always offers you a great deal.

Wrap your hot water tank

If you’re using your home heating oil to heat your water rather than heat up the radiators, keep it warmer for longer (and save yourself some money in the process) by using a hot water heater jacket to insulate your water tank.

Spring clean your heating system

If you’re using the nicer weather as an opportunity to spring clean your home or garden, we recommend that you start with your home heating system. Bleed the radiators, get the system flushed if you feel it’s not working effectively (but use a plumber or heating engineer unless you feel super confident about doing it yourself) and change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors.

Don’t waste the heat from your oven and bath

If you’re trying to save money on your home heating costs this spring by turning your heating down or having it turned on less frequently, use heat sources elsewhere at home to do the same job. For example, leaving the oven door open after cooking will quickly heat up your kitchen and if you leave the bathroom door open after a shower or bath the hot air will circulate around your home too.

Layer your clothes

It might be spring, but it’s not t-shirt and shorts weather just yet. It’s still important to keep your core temperature warm, or you will start to feel colder more quickly and be tempted to switch on the heating or turn up the thermostat again. Save money on your home heating bills with weather-appropriate clothing and footwear – remember, it could be sunny one day and snow the next!

Ready to start saving money on your home heating costs? Our website has lots of helpful tips, but we would advise that you start with getting a quote from us using our easy online form – it only takes a minute, and you could be surprised by just how much you’ll save on your next oil tank top up.





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