How to save energy when you are renting a property

When you’re researching ways to help you save money on home heating oil and other energy expenses, quite often the advice goes into detail about things you can change to your property, like adding insulation, upgrading to double or triple glazed windows, and changing the boiler to a more energy efficient model.

But what if you are renting a property? The number of people who rent in Ireland is huge, with numbers vastly higher in urban areas like Dublin, and with the cost of rent soaring, you’ll want to make sure you’re making savings wherever else you can. Energy efficient changes to rented properties are not so easy to make, and in most cases you won’t want to or won’t be allowed permission from the landlord to make improvements like the above. So, this blog has listed a few tips and pieces of advice on how to save energy when you are renting a property in Ireland which can still help you save money now, without impacting your landlord in the long term.

Keep appliances unplugged when not in use

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s still a great tip. Devices plugged in, even when not in use, still use energy and cost you money. Try and get into the habit of turning off and pulling the plug out of electric appliances that aren’t used. For example – the toaster and kettle don’t need to be plugged in all day, especially if you only use them in the morning for your breakfast before heading out to work all day.

Change all the light bulbs to energy efficient ones

When you move in to a new home, the first thing you should do is call into a home depot store to stock up on energy efficient light bulbs, and replace them all through your house. It’s a simple change that won’t cost you a fortune, and you can start saving money right away as lighting your home can typically make up 18% of your home energy bills.

Hang thermal curtains

No matter if you are buying a home or renting one, you’ll want to decorate it and keep it cosy so that all the money you spend on heating it doesn’t go to waste. Keeping your window areas insulated with thermal curtains will help to keep the heat inside the room where it belongs, and you can get thermal curtains for around €25 plus they’re available in a lot of different colours and patterns.

Caulk the windows to seal any gaps

A quick fix that can be done to seal gaps around your windows is to caulk them. This seals up any small cracks and gaps between the window frames and the wall, or around any pipes that lead outside to stop cold air and drafts from getting in.

Turn down the thermostat by 1oC

This will have a big impact on your energy bills and the difference in temperature is so small you’ll hardly notice it. Small changes like this will really help you save money on your home heating oil by making it work more efficiently for you.

Get some gadgets

If you want to try out other sources of saving money on energy, get a radiator booster. This is a small fan that sits on top of your radiator and helps to circulate the hot air more efficiently around the room, so you feel the benefits of it without having your heating on for as long or having to crank up the thermostat. You can also get a FreeLoader Pico which is a device that can charge gadgets like your mobile using solar power, costing you nothing in terms of energy!

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