Reducing your energy bills without sacrificing your home comforts

Reducing your energy bills to save money is a great idea, but not at the expense of heating your home and having hot water for the shower. We don’t think you should have to give up on these home comforts to live economically, so here are some clever tips on reducing your energy bills whilst still feeling comfortable and cosy at home.

Turn the thermostat down by 1oC

You don’t have to live in arctic conditions to see improvements on your home heating oil bills. Simply turn the thermostat down ever so slightly and you’ll hardly feel the difference, yet you could see savings of up to 10% a year.

Take shorter showers

Hot showers in the morning to wake up are an essential daily ritual for most people, but if you can cut them down by a few minutes each day you’ll soon see savings mount up. If you can’t bear the thought of getting out any sooner, switch your shower head to a ‘low flow’ option to save on water used.

Limit baths

Showers are more economical, not only with water usage but with energy required to heat the water, so if you regularly take baths try cutting them down to occasional indulgences and stick to showers instead.

Add a hot water jacket to your water heater

Keep your hot water warmer for longer by insulating your hot water heater in the hot press with a special insulating jacket.

Insulate your doors and windows

Draughts in the home can make it feel chilly, and means that your home heating oil is being wasted heating rooms where the warmth can easily escape. Find and fix draughts around windows and doors to instantly make the room feel cosier, and stop wasting money on your energy bills.

Add a thick rug to your floors

Keeping your floors insulated with a rug will stop any draughts from gaps in the floorboards, and it also feels much nicer to walk around on.

Close the curtains at night 

Watching TV in the living room with the curtains open at night? Close them over instead to keep the heat in the room with you and you’ll insulate more, allowing you to save more on your energy bills.

Buy home heating oil in bulk

Reduce your energy bills by making smarter choices when buying home heating oil. Buying as much as you can afford in one go allows you to benefit from economies of scale savings, and spreading this cost over a larger volume means your heating oil will cost less per litre which means better value for you.

Pay for home heating oil using your debit card

Avoid credit card transaction fees by paying for your home heating oil by using your debit card – why pay more for the exact same thing?

Order in advance to save on delivery charges

If you can plan ahead and order home heating oil before you completely run out, you can choose the delivery day that suits you (and your wallet) the best – in some cases you’ll pay a tiny delivery charge of just €1.

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