Reduce your home heating costs

At, we’re always trying to get you the best deal on your home heating oil in Ireland, because no one likes having to pay more than they have to on the things they can’t live without. So, we’ve rounded up a handy list of things you can do to reduce your home heating costs and become savvy supersavers like us.

Wasted heat costs you money

What’s worse than having to pay for your home heating oil, only to not even feel the benefit of it because of drafts? Sadly, none of us live in a 100% insulated house, but we can take small steps to make sure the heat stays where it’s supposed to. Insulation is the most obvious solution for draft-proofing your home, and there are many different types available.

  • Loft insulation is the most popular choice when it comes to insulating your home to keep it warm, especially because you can lose up to 30% of your heat through the roof without proper insulation.
  • Floor insulation is also an option, but not as practical if you have to lift your current floors to lay it. This type of insulation is best considered when you are renovating as you can incorporate it more easily then.
  • Cavity wall insulation is the third most popular type of insulation, and you can find details about it here.
  • Windows can be very susceptible to heat loss too, however a simple trick to slow this is to cover them with clear plastic film. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t look obvious and can save you money by reducing heat loss. Best of all, it can simply be peeled off in the spring when it starts to get warmer.

All types of washing

Anywhere you use hot water will cost you money, so it makes sense that any way you can reduce the amount of hot water used will in turn reduce your home heating costs.

  • When doing the dishes for example, did you know that it’s better to fill a basin with hot water than to let the hot tap run constantly?
  • Similarly, when you’re doing a load of laundry, it’s best to do a full load, and as the saying goes, ‘If it isn’t dirty, wash at thirty’. Lowering the temperature lowers your bills, so why wouldn’t you try it?
  • Finally, when it comes to hot water usage the biggest culprit is the shower or bath. While some of us crave a long hot soak in the tub after a hard day at work, or need at least 10 minutes of standing under the pressure of a shower in the morning to fully wake up, these activities are costing you money. Baths will cost more money than showers, but if you switch to showers, and if you can install an efficient shower head, you’ll be able to start saving straight away.

It’s all in how you order

With you can take control of your home heating oil budget and save money just by changing the way you normally order oil. Save money by benefiting from economies of scale, or in other words – order more, save more. If you plan ahead, you can also benefit from cheaper deliveries, by choosing the Super Saver Delivery option. If you pay by debit card, you’ll also save as you’ll avoid any credit card transaction fees.

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