Preparing your home heating system for spring

Your home heating system consists of a lot of different elements, and in order to get great value for money from your home heating oil spend, you need to make sure all the parts of it are working most effectively. Thankfully, spring is a great time to get all these parts in order with some simple checks and maintenance.

Preparing your home heating system for system doesn’t take long – just a few simple checks and changes. Doing these tasks now will ensure your system is in great shape for the coming months and will help you be better prepared for the colder weather again come autumn. Here’s your essential to-do list for preparing your home heating system for spring.

Turn the thermostats down

Control the temperature in your home this spring by turning down the thermostats a little bit. This simple change shouldn’t have a large impact on how comfortable your home is, but it will help you save money on your home heating oil spend over the next few months. It’s also a good idea to turn the individual radiator controls down to low in rooms which you don’t use that often – don’t waste heating oil on rooms you don’t use.

Re-programme the timer

The most efficient way to ensure you don’t waste home heating oil is to make sure your heating is only switched on when you need it. During the spring and summer, you will need your heating to be on less in the morning and the evenings, and perhaps not at all at the weekend if you enjoy the better weather out of the house. Take a few minutes today to set your timer for spring, and start seeing some savings on your energy bills shortly after.

Boiler serviced

Your boiler is one of the most important elements of your home heating system, and it needs to be serviced once a year to keep it working most efficiently. While you might not rely on it as much in the summer, it’s still a good time to get it serviced if you haven’t already. The quieter summer period normally means demand is less for plumber and boiler engineer services, so if you shop around for a quote you might find you can get a better deal.

Clear away debris from your oil tank

Better weather in the spring means you can spend more time outdoors, and one of the first things you should do is check over the current state of your oil tank in the garden. Over the winter, debris might have built up around it or the weather might have been too poorly to check around the tank and underneath it for signs of damage.

It’s important to check the valves, connections and stability of your oil tank now, and also take a look underneath it to ensure there are no damp patches – a sure sign of a leak which will need to be addressed straight away in order to avoid more serious health and safety complications.

Top up with oil

Preparing your home heating system for spring wouldn’t be complete without a reliable home heating oil top up from our team at SuperSaverOil. During the summer months, it’s normal to see a slight dip in price for oil as demand is naturally lower.

If you use our handy online quote generator you can see the price for your oil in just a few seconds – why not check it out now and see just how affordable your next oil top up could be?

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