Summer prep for winter fuel savings

With the summer in full swing, thinking about winter and buying home heating oil might be the last thing on your mind, but you really should be thinking about what to do now to save money on your heating bills in the near future. Savvy savers know that it’s never too early to get prepared and that there are bargains to be had at this time of year which makes winter all the more affordable. If you’re interested in getting ahead, read our essential guide on summer prep for winter fuel savings to ensure that you’re well prepared when the colder weather strikes.

Buy now, to save later

First things first – let’s get your oil tank topped up with a home heating oil delivery. In the summer when demand for oil is traditionally lower, you can make some great savings by buying oil now to keep for later use. Remember, it doesn’t have an expiration date, so there’s no added benefits to waiting closer to autumn to get a ‘fresher’ supply. Get a cheap quote for oil online now using our handy form – it only takes a minute to fill out.

Sort out your insulation

Home improvement work carried out in the summer is generally easier due to milder weather conditions, so take advantage of this time now to upgrade your insulation and you’ll feel the benefit of it when the cold weather starts creeping in. Focus on the biggest energy losses – your attic and your walls when prioritising where to tackle first.

Have your boiler serviced

Winter fuel savings are achieved when everything works as efficiently as it can, and the biggest appliance you’ll need to focus on for this is your boiler. In the summer, there is less demand for a plumber or heating engineer so you can normally save money by getting your boiler serviced now for reduced rates.

Buy winter bedding on sale

Summer sales are a great opportunity to stock up on out of season essentials for a reduced price. Now is the time to buy winter bedding, like duvets with higher tog ratings and brushed cotton sheets which will help keep you toasty on cold nights.

Stock up on wood for the fire

You might be thinking about getting fuel to burn in your garden fire pit, but now is also the time to get wood for the fire indoors. If you have a shed or garage or somewhere to keep it dry it’s a good idea to buy it now and keep it – you’ll use it in the fire this winter or next summer in the chimenea.

Dry-clean winter blankets

Pull out those old blankets and heavy throws and have them dry cleaned or put them through the wash yourself (just check the label first for washing instructions) so that they are fresh and ready to be used at the first sign of autumn. If you wash them now and have them folded with some dryer sheets tucked in-between them they stay smelling fresh too.

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