Most common household dilemmas and how to overcome them

Having a bit of DIY know-how or even knowing some handy tricks for solving common household problems could save you a fortune in tradesmen fees or repairs, and in most of these cases you can easily fix the problem yourself. From simple annoyances to flat out repairs, read on for more details on the most common household dilemmas and how to overcome them yourself easily with these tips and tricks.  

Running out of oil

It’s easily done and yet it causes such hassle – no heating or hot water because someone forgot to order oil on time. This problem is easily fixed by getting a tank monitor which will alert you when your reserve is running low. It also alerts you of fuel left or a leak if the volume in your tank changes dramatically in a short period. Don’t forget you can order cheap home heating oil from us at any time online.

Blocked sink

If your water is running slowly or not draining at all, you need to clear the blockage in your sink. There’s no need to call a plumber for this – you can use a supermarket cleaner to tackle this problem initially to clear the blockage and dissolve the food debris causing the water to back up. Once the water has cleared, un-screw the u pipe under the sink to check it is cleared of food debris. Remember, it is normal to have a little water in this all the time as this prevents drainage odours from being released into your kitchen.

Leaking taps

Normally your leaking tap is caused by a worn out washer or a damaged valve, but it’s important not to let this problem continue for too long, otherwise you could run into bigger problems. Here’s a great tutorial with simple steps on fixing your leaking taps yourself.  

Cold radiators

If your radiators are not heating up, there may be air in them which is causing a blockage. This is easily fixed by bleeding them with a radiator key, bucket (to collect any water run off) and a towel to mop up any spills. If your heating system is old, or you have turned off radiators in rooms which you don’t use regularly, you might find you have to perform this task quite frequently in order to feel the full benefit of your heating. If you have bled your radiators and they are still cold, you may need a replacement radiator valve.

Blocked shower head

If you’ve noticed that your water pressure isn’t what it used to be, then your shower head might be blocked up with limescale. Fill a bucket or jug with some intensive cleaner (like Cillit Bang) and let your shower head soak in it to loosen the mineral deposits. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub this to loosen build up further.

Scratches in furniture or wooden floors

If you moved your furniture around or accidentally scratched a table leaving a noticeable mark you don’t need to replace them to make them look as good as new. One simple trip is to rub a cut walnut over the scrape – yes, a walnut! Here’s a step by step visual guide at how to do this yourself.

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