The most economical way to use your home heating oil this spring

Until the weather improves to the point where you don’t need your heating on every day, you’ll still be relying on your home heating oil to keep your house comfortable. Here are a few tips on using your home heating oil more economically this spring for a warm home that won’t dent your wallet.

Adjust your thermostats

Energy experts have for years touted the benefits of turning your thermostat down just a little in order to save money, but the truth is this really does work. Just one degree cooler could shave 10% off your energy bill over the space of a year, meaning more money in your pocket and not a great deal of difference to the temperature inside your home.

Open the curtains

Now that the brighter days have arrived, take advantage of this by opening your curtains and blinds fully to let the natural light flood in and heat your space without the need for your home heating oil. Just remember to close them at night to help insulate the room and keep the space warm again.

Heat the rooms you use

Over the winter, you may have had radiators turned on in rooms that you don’t use so that they were kept aired and reduced the risk of damp or condensation build up. Now that the weather is warming, you can turn these radiators off and rely on the outside temperature to keep them comfortable, and just use your home heating oil to keep the rooms you use daily warm and comfortable.

Get a great cost per litre

When talking about economies of scale, the best way to get best value for your home heating oil spend is to buy as much of it in one go as you can afford, and which can be safely accommodated in your current oil tank size. This will allow you to benefit from economies of scale savings, and since your home heating oil won’t ‘go off’ if you keep it stored in your tank, there’s no issue with keeping it fresh.

Get your boiler serviced

Using your home heating oil more efficiently is largely based on how efficiently your boiler is operating – an efficient boiler produces more energy for less fuel. Older models will not work as well, and this could end up costing you more money. Newer energy efficient models will help you make more of your home heating oil spend, but as a new boiler could cost upwards of €2000 it is a serious long term investment in your home.

Waste not, want not

When looking for ways to be more economical with your home heating oil this spring, it is important that you do everything you can not to waste it – so only have your heating programmed to come on when you need it (and change this at the weekend if your schedule differs). Also, take steps to protect your oil from fuel thieves by investing in a tank lock and keeping your property secure.

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