15 money saving energy hacks

Would you like to save money on your energy bills? Sometimes it can be confusing knowing which deals are actually good value, or where genuine savings can be made which don’t require a large amount of initial outlay. With that in mind, here are 15 money saving energy hacks that you can start implementing immediately, and be confident that they’ll help you trim your energy bills.


  • Seal gaps


Check around the usual culprits for spots where your heating can escape – around windows, under sills, gaps in door frames, letter boxes and skirting boards.


  • Buy energy saving appliances


When the time comes to repair or replace electronic appliances, always choose the highest rated energy efficient model you can afford.


  • Order home heating oil in advance


When your order home heating oil from us, you can choose your delivery day, and if you choose the super saver option you’ll pay a minimal amount for delivery – this option isn’t always available if you run out of oil unexpectedly and need it delivered asap.


  • Pay by debit card


Pay for your home heating oil using a debit card, and you’ll easily void unnecessary credit card transaction fees.


  • Chimney balloons are great if you don’t use the fire


Your living room should be cosy and comfortable, but if your fire is never used, you’re wasting heat by losing it up your chimney. Instead, have a chimney balloon installed which prevents as much heat being lost and keeps it in your living room.


  • Plant more trees


If you find it hard to control the temperature in your home in the summer and winter, planting trees could be a natural way to help regulate it. In the summer, they’ll provide shade and keep your house cool, and in the winter the bare branches will allow sunlight to reach your windows and heat the rooms naturally


  • Switch to low flow shower heads


Spending too much on heating your water? Switch to a low flow shower head which uses less water for the same length of shower, saving you money in the process.


  • Turn down the water temperature


Turning the temperature of your water down by just a few degrees will help you save money without resorting to ice cold showers. In the summer, you mightn’t even notice the difference in temperature either.


  • Unplug devices


Don’t leave your electronic devices plugged in to charge all the time – it damages the battery and also uses more electricity than you need, so remembering to unplug phones, laptops and TVs will help you see some savings in your bills.


  • Clean filters


Don’t make your filters work harder by leaving them clogged up with dirt and dust. Check the manufacture-recommended guidelines for how often you should clean filters for your extractor fans and vacuum.


  • Have boiler serviced


Service your boiler once a year, not just to keep it safe, but to clean out the filters and help it work more efficiently. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your home heating oil spend.


  • Programme your heating in the summer


There’s no need to have your heating on that frequently in the summer, so change the settings on your thermostat. If you leave these the same year round, you’ll never save money on your home heating oil bills.


  • Insulate your hot water tank


A hot water tank jacket can be picked up from any hardware store and adds much needed insulation to your hot water heater. This means it will lose heat less quickly, keeping it where it’s needed.


  • Get an energy audit


If you are serious about tackling energy drains in your home, you can pay for an energy audit to highlight the biggest energy drains at home. This is a paid service however, so might not be suitable for everyone.


  • Use a sink of water rather than running the tap for washing up


Don’t let the hot water tap run while you do the dishes – instead fill the sink or basin with hot water. You’ll save so much hot water this way.


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