Making your whole home more energy efficient

Even though the weather in Ireland should be getting warmer, that’s no reason to be lax about energy efficiency in our homes. There are ways to save energy and money all over the house, so this new post provides you with some tips on making your whole home more energy efficient. Here are a few ways to make your house more energy efficient, from top to bottom.

Attic and roofspace

  • Check your insulation is the correct thickness – it is recommended that loft insulation be between 250-270mm thick, and over time this will become less effective
  • After spring storms, check your roof for any broken tiles and damp patches which need to be repaired asap


  • We’ve all been told to take showers instead of baths, but modern high pressure showers actually use just as much if not more water. This will quickly add up in terms of money spent on home heating oil if you use this to heat your water.
  • Dual flush toilets will help you save water and energy too, so if you are planning a bathroom upgrade make sure you invest in this option
  • Leaving the bathroom door open after a shower or bath will help the hot air circulate around your home


  • Open the curtains and blinds wide in the morning to allow the sunlight to heat your room naturally
  • Invest in seasonal appropriate bedding and curtains – heavier thermal options for the winter, and lighter versions for the summer to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep
  • Don’t leave your devices plugged in overnight to charge. We’re all guilty of having our phones charging on the bedside table while we sleep, but this is not very energy efficient


  • You don’t typically spend a lot of time here, so turn your radiators right down to save money on your home heating oil bills by not heating a space that you won’t feel the benefit from
  • Letterboxes are known sources of heat loss in your hallway, so replace these with wall mounted post boxes instead and you’ll instantly feel a difference

Living room

  • Invest in a chimney balloon to improve insulation in this room and reduce heat loss significantly
  • Make sure your electronics are not left on standby – this small change is an easy way to be more energy efficient
  • Turn your thermostat down by just 1oC to see a difference in your home heating oil bills
  • Add draught excluders to your doors


  • Make sure your boiler is serviced once a year to keep is safe and working efficiently
  • Appliances in the kitchen tend to be big energy drains, so buy A++ rated where you can
  • Leave your oven door open after cooking to let the hot air circulate around the room and heat your home without using any additional fuel


  • You lose more heating through the floor than you think – as much as 15%, so insulate under the boards or add thick rugs on top to warm those chilled feet

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