Make your home heating oil last with these tips

Summer time normally means you give very little thought to your heating and yours fuel bills – and thanks to the summer heatwave we’ve experienced, most of us haven’t had to switch our heating on for weeks.

Whilst it’s great to enjoy the weather and save a little bit on your home heating oil bill at the same time, you will probably still need your oil to heat your hot water for showers, baths or dishes – after all, the weather might be glorious, but cold showers in the morning are definitely not.

That’s not to say you can’t be economical with your hot water this season however. With that in mind, here are some handy tips on how to make your home heating oil last longer this summer.

Hot water temperature control

Your thermostat regulates how warm your radiators and hot water are, meaning you’re in total control and can make changes as the seasons differ to keep the water temperature comfortable. You can manage this very easily and lower the temperature to start saving some money during the summer months when you won’t need the water to be as hot as in the winter.

Using less fuel to bring your hot water to the required temperature means you’ll save the difference and make your home heating oil last longer this summer too.

Insulate your hot water tank

If you’re using your home heating oil over the summer to heat your hot water, you might want to consider investing in an insulating jacket for your water tank. This will help keep the heat where it’s supposed to be, resulting in water which stays warmer for longer, meaning you won’t have to use as much oil. It’s a super simple way to make your home heating oil go further this summer.

Low flow shower head

The hot water you use for showers can be greatly reduced by switching your standard shower head for a low flow version. This uses much less water yet still delivers satisfying water pressure for your everyday needs.

The reduced water also means you could see savings on your energy bills, as you’ll be using less home heating oil to heat the lesser amount of water.

Showers, not baths

When it comes to saving water, your low flow shower head will go a long way but so will opting for showers over baths every time. Save baths for occasional treats and stick with daily showers to save water, money and home heating oil.

Use your timer and adjust when you’re away on holidays

Now is the time of year when most of us think about heading away on holidays. With all your pre-holiday preparation, don’t forget to adjust the timer settings on your boiler so that you aren’t heating your home when you don’t need to.

If you’re planning some time off over the summer but will be staying close to home, why not change the timer to better reflect your holiday routine of sleeping later?

Hopefully these tips will help you make more of your home heating oil top up this summer, but don’t forget if you need your tank refilled you can get a cheap quote online in seconds from us, and super cheap delivery options that work around you. Find out more and get a quote now.


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