Make your home heating oil last all summer

Keeping your home warm is a huge priority for most of us, and whether you need the heating on all the time or need it to heat the hot water for the shower (who likes a cold shower anyway?) having a constant supply of home heating oil is pretty crucial, even in the summer. Read our blog post for a few pieces of advice which we think will help make your home heating oil last all summer.

Budget and plan ahead

Budgeting for home heating oil is common practice in most households, so don’t let these habits slip during the summer months when you might be tempted to cut back on saving for it. Know how much oil you have each week by checking your oil tank, so that you can plan ahead and realistically predict when you’ll need to order oil. When you do, you’ll do so knowing that you’ve set the money aside to pay for it.

Factor in how many people are at home

During the summer months, you might have people visiting, your kids might have friends sleeping over, or you might be off on holiday yourself as a family leaving the house empty for a week. Consider this when you’re trying to make your home heating last all summer. How many people will be in the house that will need hot water for showers or baths? How long will you be away for? Remember to reset your boiler timer so that it’s not on while you’re away, so you’re not wasting precious home heating oil when you’re warming yourself on sunnier shores.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast

We know that relying on the long range weather forecast is a bit of a gamble, but keep an eye on the daily temperatures and see if we’re in for a warmer spell which means you can turn your heating completely off, or if a cold front is moving in bringing with it drizzly rain. Adjust your thermostat and timer accordingly to help make your heating oil last all summer.

Do your summer checks inside

Each year you should get into the routine of checking your house for places where you could be getting draughts or at risk of leaks. Now is the best time to check this out, as if you need to do any home repairs you’ll have a better chance of completing them in the dryer weather. Check for gaps around the windows, broken seals, signs of damp, and check all your radiator thermostats are at the lowest setting. You can always turn them back up again when it gets cooler in the autumn.

Wrap up

This one is an obvious one, but if you’re cold and you’re trying to make your heating oil last longer, why not add an extra layer or do some physical activity to warm yourself up instead of turning on the heating? It might look like summer in the shops with all those sleeveless tops and tiny shorts, but the reality in Ireland is normally a little bit different!

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