Make your home heating oil costs more manageable

When you are managing your household bills, one of the must-haves on your list along with food and electricity is heating. At we’ll always give you a great deal on your oil because we can pass on savings directly to you, and we’re always thinking of new ways to save you money. Budgeting for your home heating oil however isn’t something we can do for you, but we can help you make your home heating oil costs more manageable with some tips for budgeting.

Manage your money

Sit down and calculate what your income and outgoings are, and write these down on paper. Managing a budget to the last penny is achieved more easily if you take the time to write it down, so don’t just roughly calculate these sums in your head as you rush to work in the morning. Having visibility over your expenses is crucial, from knowing exactly how much is in your account to knowing the exact dates your direct debits are due. When you see this level of detail it’s so much easier to manage your money.

Spend what you can afford

This is the best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to budgeting. When buying home heating oil it is cheaper to buy more at the time, but again only buy what you can afford. If you can’t afford to fill your tank this time around because your car insurance is due, or you’ve had an unexpected bill, order a lesser amount and then budget for a little bit extra for next time.

Set aside a little extra when you can

Find out where the biggest outgoings are and then you can take steps to reduce these – whether it’s cutting back on the food shop by switching to own-brand labels, or negotiating a better phone and broadband deal. Little savings can then be moved into your home heating oil spend instead to make it more affordable.

Take advantage of savings where you can

With, you can save money doing simple things like paying with a debit card so you don’t get charged a transaction fee (which you would do with a credit card), and ordering in advance of running out completely so that you can pick the cheapest delivery day.

It is tricky to predict what home heating oil prices are going to be month on month, as the prices are dependent on so many external factors outside of our control. Experience with budgeting however will help you manage any increases or dips in costs like a real pro and make your home heating oil costs more manageable.

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