Make these 5 simple changes today to save on your next oil bill

Worried about the cost of your energy bills? With this being one of the worst winters in recent years for storms, snow and ice, it’s no surprise that most of us have resorted to hibernating at home where we can turn up the heating and ignore the chill outside. However, for some of us this extra expense is creeping up, and you might be interested in some advice on how to keep your costs lower without having to resort to living in a cold home.

Here are 5 simple changes you can make today to save on your next oil bill, without having to switch your heating off or lower your thermostat.


  1. Insulate your hot water tank

If you use your home heating oil to heat the water for your shower or bath, you can make your fuel spend go further by ensuring that your hot water tank is well insulted with purpose-designed cylinder jacket with a fibreglass filling. A good quality jacket could help reduce heat loss by up to 80%, meaning your water stays hot for longer at no extra cost to you.


  1. Add reflective foil panels behind the radiators

Make sure you’re not wasting your precious home heating oil by heating your rooms only for the poor insulation to make them feel cold again. Stop the hot air from your radiators escaping up and out the cracks around the window by adding reflective foil panels behind the radiators. This helps to redirect the hot air back into your room where you’ll feel the difference straight away. Best of all, this is a portable solution, so you can remove them if you don’t particularly like the look of them or want them on display if guests are calling in.


  1. Look for other ways to keep warm

When the cold weather strikes, there’s more to keeping warm than just turning on the heating – you can take practical action too. First things first, ensure you are dressed appropriately. Thermal vests, thicker jumpers, lots of thin layers and a heavy coat will help you feel warmer. Also, make sure you keep your body warm throughout the day with lots of hot drinks and regular meals. Now is the ideal time to perfect those comforting soups and stews.


  1. Avoid unnecessary costs by ordering in advance

Keep your home heating oil bills as low as possible by planning ahead and ordering oil before you run out to take advantage of lower delivery costs. When you need oil in a hurry, you naturally pay a premium for this service, but if you can wait just a few days you’ll be able to save money very easily. In addition, if you pay by debit card instead of credit card you’ll avoid the transaction fees too – these fees might be small, but every little helps.


  1. Rearrange your furniture

Making sure that your furniture isn’t blocking the radiators is an easy way to improve the hot air circulation in your room – and hot air that can move around will keep you warmer, instead of being trapped behind a bed or a sofa. If you don’t have the space to totally rearrange your furniture, try pulling it out from the wall slightly to create a bigger gap.

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