Lower your home heating oil bill with some simple steps

At SuperSaverOil.ie we know that getting a good deal on home heating oil is essential for managing your household bills, so here’s a few helpful pieces of advice on how to get the most out of that home heating oil spend and help to ensure you’re not wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere. Find out how to lower your home heating oil bill with these simple steps:

Step one: Order in advance

If you leave it to the last minute to order, you might have to pay more for a next day delivery service, so the first simple step to lowering this cost is to plan ahead to avoid any kind of additional fees that could otherwise be avoided. Smart shoppers also know that if they pay for their home heating oil using a debit card instead of a credit card they can also avoid transaction fees – more reason than ever to budget in advance for your oil top up. Check out our recent blog post for more tips on budgeting.

Step two: Adjust your thermostat and timer

Once you’ve got your oil topped up, make it last as long as possible by adjusting the settings on your thermostat and timer to ensure the heating it only on when you need it, and that when it is on, it’s at the right temperature. It’s normal for a living room to be around 21oC, and any higher than this can actually be bad for your health, so keep the temperature steady and add another layer of clothing is the mercury drops again.

Step three: Check your radiators

If you’re trying to lower your heating bills, then only heat the rooms you live in, otherwise you are just wasting money. Turn the radiators off or down in the rooms that you don’t use daily, and focus the heating on the spaces where you spend time. Also – if you have curtains, pull them at night to help insulate your room but remember to tuck them in behind your radiators so that the heat doesn’t escape up behind the fabric and out cracks around the window frame.

Step four: Move your furniture away from the walls

Lower your home heating oil bills by making more efficient use of each top up. Your furniture placement is actually a big reason that your rooms are not heating up as much as they could be – large sofas or chairs that block the radiators will restrict the amount of hot air that can circulate around the room. Similarly, if you put damp clothes on top of the radiators, it will take longer for your room to heat up to the temperature set on your thermostat and use more home heating oil in the process.

Step five: Check your insulation is up to scratch

A quick check in the attic could reveal that your insulation needs replacing in order to keep more heat in the house where it belongs. Also, make sure that you find and fix and pesky draughts that will make your room feel colder. Check around the windows and under the windowsills as these tend to be the main culprits.

Need a heating oil top up? Get an instant quote online at our website now and let us help you lower your home heating oil bills today.

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