How to keep your house warm if the boiler breaks

We all rely on the boiler, so when it breaks it can cause a massive inconvenience. If your boiler breaks down this winter, the first thought you probably have is total panic! No heating, no hot water – what are you going to do? This blog post will help you get through this nightmare. Here’s our best tips on how to keep your house warm if the boiler breaks, to help you survive until you get an engineer out to fix it.


  1. Try and insulate wherever you can

When your boiler breaks and the heating switches off your house won’t take long to cool down if there are draughts and poor insulation in place, so try and keep the heat in wherever you can. Close the blinds and curtains, open the bathroom door after a shower to let the hot air circulate around the house, and if you’ve been cooking leave the oven door open to let the hot air circulate around the kitchen too. Remember to close the doors when you’re in your room to keep the heat in, and place draught excluders along the bottom of the doors.


  1. Use alternative heat sources available

If the boiler breaks, it’s the perfect excuse to light the fire and get cosy in front of it. If you have a back boiler behind your fireplace, this can be used to heat the water in your radiators too. If you need extra heat in the bedroom when the boiler breaks, an electric blanket is a cost effective and easy way to heat the bed up before jumping in, or a hot water bottle placed at the end will stop your toes from freezing. Remember you can keep yourself warm too with hot cups of tea and bowls of soup, so don’t forget to keep your energy levels up or you’ll soon feel even colder.


  1. Layer your clothing

Staying warm at home in the winter with no heating isn’t a joke, so make sure you keep your core body temperature warm by adding more warm layers, especially if you aren’t moving around a lot to get the blood pumping. Thermals and fleecy jumpers will help you feel warmer, but remember it’s better to wear multiple thin layers than one big layer as the thinner layers trap more warm air and help keep you feeling toasty.


  1. Heat your water

You can use your immersion heater in an emergency to heat the water for your shower when the boiler breaks, or if you have an electric shower you can use this too without needing your boiler to heat the water. For smaller household tasks like doing dishes or topping up your hot water bottle, use a kettle to boil the water, but just be extremely careful if you are transporting hot water around the house.


  1. Be prepared

Make sure you have the phone number for a heating engineer handy, either stored in your phone or taped inside the cupboard where your boiler sits. It’s not a bad idea either to have a ready supply of logs for the fire, or some emergency blankets washed and ready to use in the cupboard if you can’t get an engineer out right away.

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