Easy ways to keep the temperature comfortable this summer

Finding a comfortable temperature during the summer in a heatwave can be tricky. There’s little point in investing in air conditioning for your home (after all, a heatwave in Ireland is normally very short lived, so it’s not worth the money) but there are other easy ways to keep the temperature comfortable this summer so that you can still enjoy it. Read on for some great and inexpensive ideas.

Keep the bedroom comfortable for sleeping

One of the biggest complaints about a hot spell is that we’re not used to it and it makes sleeping difficult or impossible. You’re too warm, there’s too many blankets, the room is stuffy…you get the point. Thankfully, with a little bit of preparation you can overcome the worst of the heat so that you can still get a restful night’s sleep. First of all, swap the heavy blankets for thinner sheets. Some people recommend keeping your sheets in the freezer until bed and then when you add them they’ll be nice and cool. You also need to make sure the room is well ventilated, so try sleeping with the window open if you don’t sleep on the ground floor and it’s not too noisy. If you have thick and heavy curtains up, swap them for some thinner, lighter coloured material that won’t hold the heat at the end of the day.

Manage the thermostat

Time to turn your thermostat down, or your heating completely off. Some people worry that having their heating turned off will cause their radiators to get air locks in them, but this is rare and also easily fixed with a radiator key to bleed them once you have the heating turned back on. Don’t waste your home heating oil during a heatwave, and try to only have the heating on as much as you need to in order to have lukewarm water for a shower. Hot showers are not ideal in the heat, but neither are cold showers – you should aim for a shower in tepid water before bed.

Desk fans and cold water bottles

If you don’t have air conditioning, you can still make a temporary cooling system for your home with a desk fan and frozen bottle of water. Circulating warm air around a room is hardly effective, so instead for an easy way to keep the temperature comfortable this summer, place your bottle of water in front of the fan so that cooler air is blown around.

Hydrate with hot drinks

Have you heard that you should drink hot drinks to cool you down? It’s true! The hot drinks actually help to lower your overall body heat storage than when compared to drinking cold drinks. When you drink hot drinks, your body can sweat more and this process of sweat evaporating from your skin is what helps you to cool down. However, when it’s very humid you can’t sweat as much, and therefore the cooling impact of hot drinks is more limited, so in cases like this it would be more beneficial to stick with cold drinks.

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