How to improve the heating in your home

Improving the heating in your home can be done in lots of different ways, and not all of them have to cost you any extra money. From what you put into your tank to where to place your sofa, here’s our best advice on how to improve the heating in your home at minimal cost to you.

Boiler service

Get your boiler serviced to make sure that it’s safe to use of course, but also so that the filters and moving parts are cleaned and repaired where necessary. You would be surprised at how much debris can build up in your boiler which can prevent it from working most efficiently. Having your boiler serviced annually will also give you added peace of mind that everything is working as it should – there’s no worse feeling than when the boiler suddenly breaks, and it’s always at the most inopportune time. Improve the heating in your home with a fully functional and reliable boiler, and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Getting radiators flushed

Having your entire heating system flushed is a bit more expensive and requires a professional to help, but it is crucial in maintaining the overall health of your heating system. It’s especially useful if you have identified cold spots on your radiators that you can’t get rid of by bleeding them, with the result being a huge improvement in the heating in your home. Getting the radiators flushed cleans out all the sludge and grime build up that’s lurking in your pipes and preventing your home heating oil from being used as effectively as it could be.

Premium kerosene heating oil top up

What you put into your oil tank can make a noticeable difference to your heating health. Fuel additives are a popular (and inexpensive) way to boost the health of your oil tank contents – they help to reduce sludge and grime build up in your tank and fuel lines and with added lubricants they also help protect any of the moving parts. When you order home heating oil from us, you can choose between regular Kerosene, or Premium Kerosene which is a high performance alternative designed to increase the efficiency of your boiler and improve the heating in your home. You can easily add this to your order when you use our online form to order oil and it’s only a few cents per litre extra.

Furniture placement around radiators

If you have your living room or bedroom laid out so that you have large items of furniture blocking the radiators, you’ll never get as much heat from them as you could with better furniture placement. If you have the room, consider moving the furniture around slightly, or at least pull it away from the walls to allow the hot air to circulate more freely.

Insulate everywhere

Insulate your attic, your floors (with thick rugs) around your windows (with thermal curtains) to improve the heating in your home without spending extra on home heating oil. These small changes can have a big impact on your comfort levels at home, and instantly improve the cosiness factor.

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