How to Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

During the summer months, as temperatures start to rise and the sun gets stronger, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be a challenge. The summer season is a time to be enjoyed in and out of the home, so having a selection of ideas on how to keep those hot days at bay can help you and your family enjoy the warmer weather that bit more.

Here are Super Saver Oil’s top tips on how to keep your home at a comfortable temperature this summer.


Many households think that insulation should be installed to keep your house warmer in winter, however insulation can also help keep your house cooler in summer. Checking that your home has an adequate amount of insulation will help you keep the air cooler and room temperature at a comfortable level during all seasons.

Window Vents

Next time you are vacuuming your house, take a look at the vents in your windows and ensure you clear them out. As time passes, these vents can get clogged with dirt and debris, causing them to be less effective at regulating the temperature of rooms during the hot weather.

Draw the Shades

Many houses have rooms facing the sun during the day. If this is the case in your home, it can make for an incredibly uncomfortable time when the sun is strong, and the temperature outside starts to climb. The effective use of curtains and blinds in your home can dramatically reduce and help to regulate the room temperature of those areas affected.

Also, when purchasing blinds, giving thought to the colour of materials can help keep the heat down on hot days. Lighter colours and materials help to reflect the light rather than absorb it, causing the temperature to stay cool and comfortable.

Fans and Air Conditioning

We all know that opening windows during hot weather helps to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature but, if you have a tall fan, why not position it near an open window? This can help to circulate any breeze that comes in and, if you point the fan up to the ceiling, the cooler air will fall and circulate on its own.

If you use an air conditioner, a portable unit can easily be transported to cool the room you need it in most. It is important to note that using an AC can add to your energy bills. You can keep costs down by ensuring you close any windows and doors. This will keep the room you are using cool by keeping the conditioned air inside and not letting it escape.

Turn It Off

Finally, the most obvious and quickest answer to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is to turn down all thermostats and turn off any heating. This can also be the case with electrical appliances. Many appliances around the home are easier to leave on standby but doing so can cause excess heat. Not only can you save on your energy bills by completely turning off such devices, it can help to curb any added heat being generated. This is also the case with lights around the home – turn them off if they are not being used.

Sunny days, hot temperatures and long evenings are what summer is about. We look forward to this time of year and love it when it comes around. At Super Saver Oil, we believe that if you follow our top tips, you will be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all summer long.

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