Home owner hacks to heat your house

Take control of your cold house today with SuperSaverOil.ie, and try these hacks to heat your home for less. No one likes having to spend money on home heating oil but it is a necessary household expense when you appreciate hot water and warm radiators. We’ve gathered together the best hacks to heat your home we’ve come across so you can make a list of things to try in your own home.

#1 Set your thermostat – it’s coming into the summer now, so it’s time to turn down your thermostat and adjust your timer so that you heating is on only when you absolutely need it

#2 Check your house for heat loss – now’s a good time to check your home exterior out for any gaps or obvious places where heat could be escaping, and it’s also a good time to organise those repairs too

#3 Let in the light – let the sunlight warm your home naturally during the day. Conservatories especially are quick to heat up in the sun, so if you aren’t using it during the day to sit in, hang your laundry in it to dry naturally in the heat without using the dryer.

#4 Order your oil in advance – if you don’t need home heating oil urgently, order it and choose a delivery day within the next week with a lower delivery cost. Our Super Day Delivery option lets you do just that.

#5 Keep your doors closed – when you have the heating on, don’t waste it by leaving the doors open where it will escape into hallways or rooms you’re not using

#6 Lay roof insulation – this is purchased in rolls and can be easily rolled out across your attic beams to prevent any heat escaping through the roof

#7 Rearrange your furniture – ok, this might sound like an odd one, but if you have large pieces of furniture blocking your radiators you aren’t benefitting from having the heating on. Pull the furniture away from the radiators to let the hot air circulate around the room.

#8 Warm yourself up – if you’re feeling chilly, add another layer of clothing and make a hot drink. Quite often this will take the edge off if you’re feeling cold

#9 Get some radiator reflectors – they might not look very stylish, but if you’re suffering from a cold house then reflecting the heat back into the room is preferable. You don’t have to use them all the time if you are worried about the aesthetics of the room when you have guests.

#10 Bare floors mean cold toes – wooden floors are very popular for homes in Ireland, however, having a thick rug on top of them will definitely take the cold edge off them.

#11 Insulate your pipes – this isn’t just important for winter-proofing your home. Keeping your pipes warmer means that your hot water stays warmer, so it’s one of the easiest and efficient hacks to heat your home.

#12 Get cooking – when your oven is on, the heat from it automatically warms the kitchen and the neighbouring rooms, so after you’re finished cooking, leave the oven door open to let the heat circulate around your home. Just be mindful if you have small children or pets when you do this.

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