Home heating oil savings in 5 easy steps

We all like to make savings where we can, so when it comes to essentials like home heating oil any savings are better than no savings. Read our tips below for home heating oil savings in 5 easy steps.

  1. Monitor your usage

Keep an eye on your home heating oil usage and order oil in advance of running out, as this allows you more flexibility when choosing your delivery date. If you order in advance, you can pick a delivery day when we have more drivers in your area already, so that all savings are passed directly on to you. Panic buying at the last minute when you’ve run out means you’ll normally have to pay extra for a next day delivery, so investing in an oil tank gauge or monitor would be a prudent step also.

  1. Economise when you can

Making home heating oil savings can be achieved more easily when you commit to making small changes which can add up to long term savings. Upgrade your current thermostat to a programmable one to set the times accurately when you want your heating on and off, turn your thermostat temperature down by a few degrees, take shorter showers, and find and fix draughts so that your home stays warmer while your heating is switched on.

  1. Pay by debit card

Ordering your home heating oil by credit card incurs transaction fees, which means that you end up paying more for your oil than you need to. If you budget carefully throughout the year and save a little each month, even in the summer months when you might not need to order oil as frequently, you can avoid paying these fees by paying with your debit card instead.

  1. Order bigger amounts

Benefit from economies of scale by enjoying a lower cost per unit when you buy bigger amounts of oil at a time. Lowering the unit costs means you make savings long term, for an essential household item which you will make good use of. Planning ahead will ensure that you are able to take full advantage of this tip – so monitor your oil levels weekly, and continue saving so that you can pay the bigger amount without resorting to using a credit card.

  1. Boiler service

Having your boiler serviced annually will actually help you to make home heating oil savings as it ensures your oil is being burned in the most efficient way possible. Boiler servicing will clean out vents and pipes to make sure that there are no obstructions or blockages and you get full benefit from your oil. If you haven’t booked a service in over a year, you really should as it’s not just efficiency that’s at stake – you need to have it checked for potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks too.

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