Your guide to buying home heating oil in the summer

Getting a good deal on your home heating oil no matter what time of year it is needn’t be impossible, thanks to our handy guide on buying home heating oil in the summer. Buying home heating oil now might seem like the last thing on your mind – after all, you should be focusing on summer holidays and where to get your next ice cream cone from, but thinking ahead now could save you time and money when the colder weather starts to creep in. Read on for some tips and advice on how to save money on your oil, so you can start spending it on other fun things to do this summer.

Fluctuations in price

The price of oil fluctuates daily, even in the summer when there is less demand due to better weather. If there’s one thing you can rely on in Ireland though it’s that the weather never stays the same for long, so while it might be nice now, the cold weather will be coming. There’s nothing stopping you from ordering now to benefit from savings before the market price starts increasing. Keep an eye on the prices and when you spot a great time to buy, take advantage of it. Remember you can get a quote any time on our website using our handy online form.

Order in bulk to save it for the winter

Buying home heating oil in the summer is a smart way to prepare for winter. Ordering more at once allows you benefit from lower costs per unit, so if you can, order enough to fill your tank and keep it safe until you need it again in the autumn.

Pay for it upfront

As always, we would recommend to our customers who are interested in saving money on their home heating oil to pay for it using a debit card, as this allows you to avoid any annoying transaction fees associated with credit cards. Why pay more for the exact same product? It also means you don’t have a credit card bill hanging over your head this summer – and who wants that?

Use it wisely

Order your home heating oil and manage how much you use over the summer with careful moderation. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees (if you haven’t programmed your heating to be off already) and turn the temperature of your hot water down a few degrees too. It’s that time of year when lukewarm showers are great for keeping you cool.

Keep your oil tank secure

If you buy home heating oil in bulk now with the intention of keeping it until the winter, make sure it’s secure in your tank. Fuel thieves are a menace, and while this crime is more common in farms and rural properties, it’s still worthwhile protecting yourself and your investment. You can purchase sturdy tank locks and take extra precautions like planting prickly bushes around your oil tank (summer is the best time for them to grow quickly too) and always make sure your property perimeter is well secured, especially if you are going away on holidays this summer.

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