Do home heating oil additives save you money?

When you’re trying to stretch your home heating oil budget as far as you can, you’ll most likely be looking at every available avenue to see where you can shave a euro or two off your final bill. With this in mind, you might have considered additives as a potential source of savings, but do home heating oil additives really save you money?

Home heating oil additives are sold in bottles, and in Ireland these cost from around €20. Or you could buy a premium product like Kero Plus which has these additives directly added, making them more cost-effective. These premium fuels are used to improve the efficiency of your heating, and to improve the overall health of your heating system by offering benefits including:

Improved fuel consumption

Additives will not transform your oil into generating more heat when it’s burnt, however they will help to make the fuel that you do have more efficient, especially if you have an older boiler. This makes it a great alternative to get more from your fuel if you can’t afford to replace your old boiler to a more modern one just yet. Using additives or choosing premium oil this way over time will help to save you money by using your fuel more efficiently during the heat transfer process, as you will use less oil over the same period.

Being cleaner for your boiler

Using premium fuels or additives regularly can add much needed lubrication to the moving parts of your boiler that would normally experience some natural wear and tear, resulting in savings for you on essential boiler maintenance and repairs. This doesn’t mean that you can forego your annual boiler service however – this is still essential!

Keeping oil stable when it’s stored in your tank

This benefit of using home heating oil additives is unlikely to save you a lot of money, but it’s excellent for your peace of mind, especially over periods when your oil might be sitting for a while in your oil tank – such as if you turn your heating off before going on holiday. Additives here will also help to stabilize your home heating oil from external environmental influences, like bacterial growth.

Cleaning up any water condensation in your tank

Over time, water condensation can naturally build up in your oil tank but this is bad news for your home heating oil. In cold weather, the water in your tank can freeze and lead to blockages in the fuel lines and interruptions to the fuel supply – but by using premium fuels or adding a small bottle of additives you can reduce this risk and save you money in avoiding costly service repairs and having to find alternative sources of heat if your supply is affected.

Keeping fuel lines clean

Premium fuels or additives can help to make cleaner fuels by lowering carbon emissions, but it’s also good for keeping fuel lines clean to ensure you have an uninterrupted supply from your fuel tank to your boiler. Premium oil and home heating oil additives will contain ‘surfactants’ which will help to clean out the sludge and grime build up, which again can help save you money in repairs when something goes wrong.

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