Heating your home economically this winter

Typical Irish winters mean that spending more time at home during the winter is inevitable, so make it as cosy as possible without racking up huge energy bills in the process. How? By following our advice on heating your home economically this winter – just follow our advice below and you’ll be enjoying a warm and cosy home for less.

  • Order heating oil in advance to save on delivery costs: Our ‘supersaver delivery’ option means that you could pay as little as €1 for your home heating oil delivery in Ireland, if you can afford to wait a few days after your order it. That’s because we can group the delivery with others in your neighbourhood, so when we save on fuel we pass these savings on to you. Take a look at our coverage checker to see if we can deliver to your home.
  • Order as much as your tank can hold to make economy of scale savings: Order more and keep it in your tank to use when you need for a clever way to heat your home economically this winter, and you’ll benefit from a lower cost per unit.
  • Pay by debit card to avoid card transaction fees: If you can budget for this expense throughout the year and pay for it upfront with a debit card, it will make paying for your home heating oil less of an inconvenience.
  • Make your oil go further by turning your thermostat down by 1 degree: You probably won’t notice this small change but it can help households in Ireland save 3% a year on their energy bills – what an easy way to be more economical with your home heating oil this winter.
  • Add reflective foil panels behind your radiators to reflect more heat into the room: This is an old trick but still effective! You can pick these panels up for less than €15 from a DIY store, and they take minutes to place around the radiators in your home where you would feel most benefit from extra warmth.
  • Turn your heating off or significantly reduce the number of hours it’s on for if you’re going away for Christmas: Why heat your home when you’re not there? Turn your thermostats down low or off completely if you’re going away so that you’re not wasting home heating oil unnecessarily.
  • Keep your radiators free from clothes: These block the hot air and restrict its ability to move around the room, making your boiler have to work harder and use more fuel to bring your rooms to the temperature set by your thermostat.
  • Draught proofing is a must: Draughts are the quickest way to lose that cosy feeling, and are the biggest waste of money when it comes to heating. Find out where the heat is escaping from your home, whether it’s from loose window fittings, cracked door frames, letterboxes or cat flaps and fix them fast.

Feel free to contact us anytime for more advice on how to get cheaper home heating oil and how to heat your home more efficiently this winter. Don’t forget, you can get a quote for cheap home heating oil online any time of the day and order in minutes.

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