How to heat your home cost efficiently room by room

Saving money on home heating oil bills is something we all want, and aside from getting a great deal on your oil from, there are some other things you can do to help heat your home cost efficiently room by room. Here are a few tips and tricks on making the most out of available heat sources and helping you budget for your heating bills.

Living room

In your living room, your fireplace is a major source of heat loss. If you don’t use the fireplace then why not consider a chimney balloon to cut down on draughts? This will automatically help your room feel warmer and save you money on heating by keeping the warm air in the room where it belongs. Also check that your furniture is pulled away from the radiators – often we will have sofas pushed up against radiators to create more floor space, but this makes it harder for the hot air from your radiators to circulate.


Your kitchen can be a source of condensation as well as heating, depending on how clever you are when cooking. Always use the extractor fan or open the window when cooking to reduce condensation and keep lids on pots when cooking to reduce cooking times and excess moisture. After you have finished using your oven, leave the door cracked open to allow the hot air to escape and heat the room without having to switch on radiators in this room.


When it comes to bedroom temperatures, people are very divided – some like a cold room, with extra blankets, some like an electric blanket or hot water bottle to feel cosy from the moment they get into bed. Whichever works for you make sure your room is being heated efficiently, with the correct setting on your radiator thermostat, thick curtains to cut down on draughts around the window and appropriate bedding thickness to keep you warm (remember to adjust this when the weather gets warmer otherwise you will overheat while you sleep, and this can result in a very restless night).


For many homes, the attic is used for storage and so not much thought is really given to it, apart from looking for holiday suitcases or Christmas decorations. Your attic however is also a major source of heat loss, and unless you have adequate insulation in place, you will be wasting money on home heating oil to heat your home, only for it to escape out the roof space. Check your insulation thickness (which should be at around 27cm to be effective) and if it’s too thin, consider replacing it.

All rooms

There are a few things you should be checking in every room to help you heat them efficiently:

  • Thermostats: Make sure all radiator thermostats are at the correct settings, and that your boiler thermostat is set at the correct temperature for each time of year – you can adjust this so that you don’t use as much home heating oil in the summer.
  • Draught excluders on doors: Attaching draught excluders to the bottom of doors is a simple yet very effective way to help a room feel more cosy. Check your doors for large gaps underneath them.
  • Check windows for cracks and gaps, especially under the sills and caulk these to instantly improve heat retention in your room.

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