Heat up your home this winter and enjoy saving money

There are lots of ways you can heat your home for less in Ireland this winter, aside from searching for cheap home heating oil, and let’s face it – who wouldn’t enjoy saving money at this time of year? Why not try some of these thrifty tips and see if you can save money on heating your home this winter.

  • Light the fire – there’s nothing more comforting on a cold winter’s night than a roaring open fire. If you have a back boiler you can also use the heat from your fire to heat your radiators too, and keep your home warm for less
  • Find the drafts – and fix them! You’ll notice a difference right away. Caulk up small holes under your window sills, put draft excluders in front of doors with gaps underneath and close the doors
  • Work your thermostat – if you have rooms that you don’t use, then don’t heat them as much as the ones you live in (but don’t turn the thermostats off completely)
  • Bleed the radiators – if there are cold spots in your radiators, they’re not heating your home efficiently. This is a quick fix to heat your home for less and make sure you’re getting the most from your home heating oil spend.
  • Close the curtains – and if you can, get lined curtains so that you keep more heat in with minimum effort required. Remember to open them again in the day time, especially if your windows are south facing so that you benefit from the sun heating your home up naturally during the daylight hours
  • Get cooking – heat your home and feed the family at the same time using the oven heat to warm your home. Once you’ve finished cooking, leave the oven door open to let the hot air out to circulate around the room (and added bonus – it wafts gorgeous Irish stew smells around the house too!) A traditional range cooker can heat hot water for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as heat the radiators so it’s a great way to heat the house.
  • Hug a hot water bottle – these are great little warmers, for the cost of boiling the kettle. Make a cuppa at the same time and then just sit back and snuggle your hot water bottle for instant warmth.
  • Shelves over the radiators – if you build shelves over the radiators, not only does it add some handy storage, but it also helps to direct the heat outwards into the room instead of up and away, which is a really handy tip to heat your home for less.

Have you any other tips to share on how to heat your home for less?

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