How to heat up your home cost effectively

Ireland has been braced for cold weather for a while now, and with the winter chill well and truly set in now more than ever you’ll need tips on how to heat up your home cost effectively so that you can still feel cosy without breaking the bank. At we know that lots of our customers rely on us for keeping their homes warm, but here’s a few other tips to help you that could help save you money while you heat your home.

Getting a great deal on home heating oil

First things first – you heat up your home cost effectively by getting a great deal on your home heating oil from us. We check our prices daily to ensure that you have the best possible deal, and we pass on any savings we can to you. You can get a quote online any time of the day using our web form.

Not paying over the top for extras

Watch out for hidden costs from suppliers when you’re trying to heat your home cost effectively. Are there any hidden fees for switching to a different energy provider? Did you get a great deal on home heating oil only to discover over the top delivery charges? Perhaps you incurred some credit card transaction fees when you purchased? Keep aware of these little things that could soon add up and eat into your heating budget.

Managing your payments carefully

Managing your home heating oil budget can be tricky when you have so many other household expenses, but if you can, try to discipline yourself to putting away the same amount each month to cover this. You’ll naturally use less heating in the summer months, but if you are still saving towards this then your winter bills will be much more manageable.

Insulating and blocking draughts

Make sure you’re not wasting money heating your home only for it to disappear out the draughty windows. In order to heat your home cost effectively you need to find and fix all those little spaces where the warm air is escaping from. Caulk around your windows, the sills and frames if the existing filler is cracked and you could soon see a big difference. Similarly, invest in some draught excluders for the bottom of your doors to keep the heat in the rooms where you really need it.

Radiator efficiency

There are some simple tips to make sure your radiators are working most efficiently – take a look at the furniture around them and try to move large pieces away from the radiators if you can. Although it might be tempting, try to resist drying damp clothes on top of your radiators as this prevents them from circulating heat around the room. If you feel like your rooms need an extra boost of heat this winter, try placing reflective foil panels behind your radiators, as this helps to direct heat into the room instead of straight up to what is normally a window, and if you have poor insulation here it won’t stay inside for long.

Our website has some great additional tips on being economical when it comes to your heating – so make sure to check them out here.

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