Small changes to your spending habits that lead to great savings

Struggling with your savings? With the cost of living getting higher and wages still lagging behind, it can be a daily challenge to find the money we need for everyday expenses, as well as saving for the occasional little treat. Everyone needs a hand sometimes managing their finances, so here are some small changes you can make to your spending habits that lead to great savings, whether that’s for a special indulgence or just saving for a rainy day.


  • Make sure you’re not being over-charged for the things you can’t do without

If your phone contract is about to expire, make sure you shop around for a new deal. If your broadband charges are increasing, see if you can get a better deal with another provider. At least when you buy your home heating oil from us you know you’ll always get a great deal. Our prices are adjusted daily so that we can pass on as many savings to you as possible. Get a quote now using our super easy online form.


  • Pay cash

Set yourself a challenge – at the start of the week set yourself a budget and take out the cash you’ll need to cover it. Throughout the week try not to use your debit or credit card to pay for anything. The physical act of handing over money to pay for things can help you realise how much you spend without actually thinking about it. It’s a great way to train yourself to see the value in money again, and can help you make some great savings very quickly.


  • Set budgets

If you have something you want to save for, for example attending a wedding, planning a trip, or even Christmas, set yourself your savings goals and break it down into weekly targets. If one week you have more expenses than others it means you still have time to make up the difference the next week, and at the end of your goal period you won’t feel stressed about trying to find the money to cover whatever event is coming up.


  • Buy what you need, and can afford

Taking advantage of seasonal offers or limited time deals can put pressure on you and encourage you to be impulsive with your spending, which can quickly lead to debt. Instead, if you take a step back and think about whether or not you really need this, and if you can really afford it, it will help you manage your savings better.


  • Know your weaknesses

Can’t resist a new bit of tech? Maybe it’s new clothes that call to you every time you go out? We all have our weaknesses but the trick to managing your money better is knowing what they are and taking steps to resist. Leaving the house without your purse could be a small change to curb your spending habits and impulse purchases.


  • Shop for groceries with a list

Don’t be tempted by things you don’t need – shop with a grocery list and be strict with yourself. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the trolley! It’s a great idea to plan your weekly meals out this way too, so you know exactly what’s for dinner every night and won’t be tempted by expensive takeaways.

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