How to get cheap home heating oil

Looking for ways to get cheap home heating oil in Ireland? Keeping your home warm is one of the biggest priorities you’ll likely have, so it makes sense to try and get the most out of your spend. We’ve collated some advice on how to save money on oil for your home.

Early birds

Here we’re addressing the simple concepts of supply and demand – people want to buy more oil in the colder months, therefore to get cheap home heating oil you should plan to buy it in the summer. Also try and get as much as you can afford at the time as it will be cheaper – the larger the order, the lower the cents per litre. You should also save on delivery costs too!

Turn it down

Now that you’ve stocked up on oil, save money by making it last longer. You can turn your thermostat down by just a couple of degrees and see big savings. Check and see if your boiler has a thermostatic control, and if not, ask your heating engineer when they do your annual boiler service to check it’s at the most efficient temperature. Which brings us to our next tip…

Service your boiler annually

A freezing cold morning, and you’ve no heating or hot water – sound like a nightmare? As they say prevention is better than cure so getting your boiler serviced once a year could save you costly repairs in the long run. It’s also essential to get them checked to detect any potential harmful carbon monoxide leaks.

Don’t get into hot water

Well, you can still have hot water for your shower obviously, but do remember if you have central heating it’s cheaper to time your heating system so the hot water comes on only when required. Also, by switching baths for showers you could save yourself more money (and even more if you invested in a low flow shower head which maximises your water efficiency!)

Protect your assets

Home heating oil is valuable, and once you buy yours you’ll want to protect it from theft. If you can’t secure your tank in your garden with a lockable gate or a high fence, secure your tank with a tank lock, and plant some prickly bushes in front of it to deter thieves. Stay informed, and stay aware of thefts in your area so that you can take any other necessary precautions.

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