Get better at fuel efficiency with these 5 easy steps

We can’t control the cost of home heating oil but we can share some ways for you to get more value for your money by getting better at fuel efficiency. If you can find ways to improve your fuel efficiency, you’ll start to save on your home heating oil bills, with very little extra effort on your part required. Thankfully, it’s not tricky to make some simple changes which can have a big impact on how much fuel you use at home. Get better at fuel efficiency with these 5 easy steps and start to see savings soon after.

  1. Add additives to your home heating oil

Home heating oil additives are an inexpensive way to improve the fuel efficiency of your boiler and your oil tank. Over time, sludge formation, condensation build up and bacteria growth can inhibit how efficiently the fuel is used in your heating system, can clog the fuel lines resulting in breakdowns and reducing the fuel consumption rates. They are very easy to use – simply add a bottle of fuel additives to your tank before a top up of home heating oil so that they mix well together, and the sit back and enjoy the benefits, including improved fuel efficiency.

  1. Get boiler serviced

A regular boiler service will not only help to ensure your appliance is safe to use, but your engineer will also check to see that the parts are all cleaned and working as well as possible. Cleaning our any clogged filters or injectors will help to ensure the fuel is being used most efficiently, allowing you more value for your money.

  1. Insulate

If you insulate your home properly to stop draughts and heat escaping through the roof or under the floorboards, you can start to save money on your home heating bills as it will require less fuel (and therefore less money) to heat your home to the temperature set by your thermostat. Keep your heating where it’s supposed to be – at home, with sufficient insulation. Making improvements now will mean you see savings for years to come, so it’s a great long-term investment in your home.

  1. Bleed radiators

Radiators can become locked with air, reducing their ability to get hot when you have your heating switched on. If you haven’t bled your radiators to remove these pockets of trapped air, you are just wasting money using up more heating than you need to trying to heat your rooms to no avail. Take 10 minutes next time your heating is on and check for cold spots on your radiators, and use a radiator key with a small basin or towel to catch water as you let the air out. You’ll see an immediate improvement in the temperature of your cold rooms.

  1. Low energy appliances

The older your appliances are, the more energy they’ll use to run, so it makes sense to shop for the highest rated energy efficient models when you need to replace or upgrade your home electricals. Many websites will allow you to quickly compare the energy rating of appliances so you choose the best one for your needs. A higher rated boiler will obviously help you with your fuel efficiency efforts, so if your boiler is starting to cost you more to run or you’re noticing higher fuel consumption rates with each passing year, it would be worth considering upgrading your boiler.

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