Free tips on heating your home for less

Everyone loves a freebie! So, to help you heat your home for less, here’s our top free tips to help you when you need to tighten your belt.

Don’t heat what you don’t use

Makes sense, right? If you’ve got a house with spare bedrooms that you don’t use, turn the radiator thermostats down so that you’re not wasting money by heating rooms that won’t benefit anyone, except maybe the dog who’s snuck in for a sneaky snooze! You can also turn the heating down on the landing and in the hallway, as you don’t spend a lot of time here. Instead, focus it on the areas you do want to heat – the living room and bedroom.

Turn the thermostat down

A thermostat setting that’s just a little lower than it is now isn’t going to cause you to freeze over, but it will make a difference to your home heating oil costs. You can adjust it in increments so that your body gets used to the temperature slowly rather than creating a huge temperature change very quickly and wondering why you’re always feeling cold.

Turn off standby

Any devices that are left on standby are costing you money! That little red light mightn’t look like much, but it’s using up electricity that you’re paying for, if only for the convenience of being able to turn the TV on from your spot on the sofa. Turning appliances off when you’re not using them is a great habit to get into and will save you money that you can use instead to heat your home.

Shower sensibly

If your home heating oil heats the water for you to have your shower every morning, anything you can do to reduce the amount of time spent in the shower is a good thing. A good shower should take around 10 minutes, even better if you can do it in less time, and to save even more money here you can insulate your hot water heater to keep the water warmer for longer.

Pay by debit card

Did you know that buying some items with a credit card incurs a transaction fee? This fee covers the cost of card processing activities, but you can avoid it by budgeting for your home heating oil a little each month, and then paying for it with your debit card which doesn’t have any fees associated with it. It’s the exact same product, just paid for in a different way.

Water for a cuppa

When you boil the kettle, make sure you’re only boiling what you need – whether it’s for a cup of tea, a pan for pasta or a sink top up to do the dishes. You’ll save money by only heating what you need.

Get cozy

They say it’s easier to heat the person than heat the home, and for this, there’s loads of things you can try – more layers, especially to your feet and head, a hot water bottle to warm up your bed, drinking hot drinks and eating soup are all proven ways to help you get warmer faster which result in less heating needed for your home.

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