Most common boiler problems and how to fix them

It’s coming into that time of year when homes across Ireland really start to rely on their boiler more for hot water and heating your home, so if something goes wrong and it breaks it’s a real inconvenience, not to mention potentially quite costly. Unfortunately, things do go wrong sometimes, but it always helps when you have the information to hand to help you identify the problem and know how to fix it (you should always get a trained professional to fix your boiler problems). Here are the most common boiler problems you’re likely to run into and what could be causing them.

Boiler problem: no heating or no hot water

If you have no heating at all, or find that the water just runs cold all the time there could be a number of reasons for this – check the obvious causes first; do you have a supply of heating oil going to your boiler? Have the pipes frozen causing a blockage in the fuel line? Is the pilot light out in your boiler? For fixing these boiler issues, you are safest to leave it in the hands of a professional heating engineer – they will check for airlocks, valve malfunctions, or low water pressure among other things, and make repairs or replacements as necessary. When you need to order home heating oil however, you know you can contact us anytime for a cheap quote.

Boiler problem: heating not coming on when it’s supposed to

Have you checked the state of your thermostat recently? If you’re heating isn’t coming on when you expect it to, or it’s turning off before you like it to, it could be down to an old or unreliable thermostat. The good news is a thermostat is generally very easy to replace and you can get a simple one for around €25, or a digital one for closer to €120 which will allow you more control over your heating.

Boiler problem: noisy system

Does it sound like there’s a lot of banging, gurgling and general noise coming from your boiler when it’s switched on? This could be a result of a couple of things – air in the system or a build-up of limescale. Try flushing out your system to get rid of any air locks and limescale build up, but remember that it is normal for some noise to occur when your heating system is in use as the pipes and radiators heat up and cool down.

Boiler problem: radiators not heating up

If your radiators are not heating up, the problem could be with them rather than your boiler. Having some heat at the bottom and none at the top is a sure sign of an air lock in your radiators, but you can bleed them easily enough using a radiator key to rectify this problem. Watch this video tutorial on how to bleed your radiators for a fool proof solution.

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