Expert tips from home owners when moving house

Owning your own home is a massive accomplishment. Once you got the keys, you probably started to dream of all the things you would do with it to put your own unique stamp on it. For some of us we think (naively!) that the only thing we’ll need to do is redecorate it, but there are some bigger considerations that will actually help to improve our homes and increase their value and our happiness while we live in them. These are energy efficient improvements that help to use our home heating oil more resourcefully. Here are expert tips from home owners when moving house to make it more energy efficient.

Tip # 1

When you’re going to view the house of your dreams, ask to see the boiler – you’ll be able to tell if it’s an old model or a newer more energy efficient model. An old boiler could end up costing you a lot more in the long run with repairs, replacement parts and will make it more expensive to heat your new house as it won’t convert your home heating oil into heating as efficiently. If it’s an old boiler and you end up buying the house anyway, make sure you’ve budgeted for this potential replacement in the near future.

Tip #2

Get your boiler serviced pretty soon after you move in. There’s no way to be sure when the last time it was serviced by a professional unless they’ve left some documentation behind. You will need to get it checked out for carbon monoxide presence as well.

Tip # 3

Check how much home heating oil you have on the day you move in. If your previous home owner has run this out completely you’ll need to order it right away – no one wants to spend their first few nights in a new home freezing!

Tip #4

When you are redecorating, look for ways to improve the energy efficiency at the same time – for example, if you are laying new wooden floors, why not consider some under floor insulation. If you are replacing the internal doors, make sure you look at the skirting and door frames too to identify any gaps which could cause precious heating to escape.

Tip #5

Take a good look at the attic or roof space – has it been properly insulated? If not, this is likely to be something you’ll want to address now, by rolling out new roof insulation, before you start storing all those boxes from the move that you aren’t planning on unpacking any time soon.

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