Do you do these everyday habits which are costing you money?

Bad habits are hard to break, but if you stick at it you can transform those negative habits into better ones, and in the process you might find that not only are these changed ways better for you, but they could be better for your budget too.

There are so many ways you could be wasting money without even realising it – are you guilty of any of these bad habits?


  • Never doing a full load of washing

A quick wash here and there is fine for keeping on top of the laundry, but a full load of washing done less frequently is better in so many ways – it uses less water, less electricity, less detergent and of course saves you time as well.

Try to cut the number of loads of washing you do each week by maximising the capacity of your washing machine. Some models can now wash up to 10kg of clothing at one time – check your appliance user guide and find out what your machine’s capacity is.


  • Using your credit card needlessly

Your credit card may get used for silly purchases of small amounts or for certain purchases like flights or home heating oil where transaction fees are incurred. These are easily avoided if you get into the habit of budgeting for regular bills and start using your debit card instead.

We always advise our customers to pay by debit card to save money on their home heating oil top up – here are some other ways to save even more.


  • Filling the kettle before boiling it

Often a bad habit we form is filling the kettle to the brim each time before boiling it, instead of just boiling what we need, whether it’s for a cup of tea or to do the dishes. Try to be more mindful the next time you reach for the kettle and you will start saving money on electricity and save water in the process.


  • Leaving the tap running

Getting distracted whilst doing chores is pretty common – you may start one task and in the middle of it see another that needs done and before you know it you’ve started a dozen things and finished none.

One of the worst things you can do though is to leave your tap running, especially the hot tap because not only is this a waste of water but if you’re using home heating oil to heat your water you’ll be wasting money too. You should also fix any dripping taps as soon as you notice them.


  • Taking baths instead of showers

A bath should be an occasional luxury as a shower in the morning uses less water, and therefore less home heating oil to heat the water. A low-flow shower head will also cut the amount of water you use if you’re trying to make further improvements to your current utility usage.


  • Hanging your towel over the radiator

After a shower, it’s often a habit to throw your towel over a radiator to let it dry, but instead of doing this (as it blocks the radiators and makes it harder to heat your room) try hanging it on a towel rail or a hook in the bathroom above a radiator where it can dry without causing an inconvenience.

If you continue to use the radiators this way, your system has to work harder to keep your room at the temperature set by the thermostat, meaning you’ll waste more money on home heating oil.

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