Essential advice for home owners with a cold house

Cold homes are no laughing matter – even though people joke about always feeling cold, there’s nothing funny about spending money on home heating oil only to feel no benefit from it at all. If your house is freezing all the time, even in the summer, here’s some essential advice for home owners with a cold house to help you keep your house warm and keep costs down.

  • Find the draughts. Locating those pesky draughts is the first step to keeping your house warmer, and fixing them fast before you lose any more precious heat to the outside through broken window seals, ill-fitting doors, window vents or other sources of draughts which are common at home.
  • Bleed your radiators. This is absolutely essential advice for home owners with a cold house. You should do this regularly, and especially in the summer if you don’t have your heating on for prolonged periods of time to keep them working efficiently. Air trapped in radiators will reduce the amount of hot water that gets through.
  • Adjust your thermostats. Are your temperature settings too low? We’re all for saving you money on your home heating oil but if your rooms aren’t heating up enough to keep you warm then you might want to increase the thermostat a little and see if it makes a difference. Try going up one degree at a time instead of automatically turning it up to its highest setting.
  • Check for gaps. These gaps could be under the window sills, around the door frames, or under the doors (very common if you recently replaced a carpet for a wooden floor). Find them and fix them to recover some heat quickly for your cold house.
  • Insulate your loft. This is the easiest way to insulate your home, and the most economical. It is recommended that your loft insulation should be between 120mm – 270mm thick to be of maximum benefit to you, so even if you have it already, check if it needs topping up to the required depth.
  • Bundle up. Okay, this one doesn’t really relate to your cold house per se, but if you’re at home and feeling a chill, add a layer to your torso and your feet to keep your warm until the temperature gets comfortable again. Don’t forget that while it may be summer, cloudless nights don’t keep in any heat so it can quickly cool down both inside and outside.
  • See your doctor. If you’re the only person complaining about a cold house, maybe it’s not the house that’s in need of attention. Illnesses and health related problems can take their toll on your body and immune system, leaving you feeling cold and tired all the time. Perhaps it’s time to schedule a check-up with your GP and find out if there are any other issues you need to deal with. Cold homes can really impact negatively on your health – just check out this article for the side effects.

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