Energy saving tips at no extra cost to you

Who wants some free energy saving tips? We all like to save money on our household bills, but some of the advice we read about cutting our heating bills, making our house warmer and better insulated or improving our energy efficiency costs a lot of initial money to put these changes into practice. They mean investing in new insulation, upgrading your boiler (which can several hundred Euro) and paying out more now to see savings in the long term. We need energy saving tips at no extra cost to make sure that we see these changes immediately, without having to invest a lot initially. Here are our best energy saving tips at no extra cost to you.


  • Don’t overpay for the energy you need – our home heating oil costs are always great value, so you can be confident you’ll get a great price at any time. Use our online form to get a quote


  • Close the doors to unused rooms. You can also turn off the radiators in these rooms in the summer as you don’t need to waste home heating oil in heating rooms that you never use.


  • Wash full loads of laundry in your machine. If it’s a newer model, you’ll be able to adjust your temperature easily to 30o which will also help you save money.


  • Only boil the kettle with what you need – if you’re just making a cuppa for yourself, you’ll only pay to heat the water you need.


  • Turn devices off standby mode and don’t leave your devices to charge overnight. Some newer phone models have a ‘battery care’ mode which you can activate when charging. This detects when you usually leave your device charging for hours and estimates what time you will disconnect the charger, so that it controls the charging speed to charge your device up to 100% just before the estimated time. The result is that you don’t waste electricity charging all night when you don’t have to, and you prolong your phone’s battery.


  • Air dry laundry now that the weather is better, instead of using your tumble dryer which is expensive to run. If the weather isn’t great and you still want to naturally dry your clothes, hang them in the bathroom with the window cracked open to let out the extra moisture.


  • Clean filters to make your appliances work more efficiently – this could be your hairdryer, your hoover, your bathroom or kitchen fans. It’s amazing how much gunk builds up in these and a quick wash or wipe to remove the dust and grime will make them work so much more efficiently.


  • Keep the lids on your pots and pans to reduce cooking time. You’ll also reduce the amount of steam and humidity in your kitchen.


  • The more you pack into your freezer the better (otherwise you are just cooling the air), so make sure you bag or box up any leftovers and put them in the freezer to feed your family another night.


  • Take a shower rather than a bath to save hot water (and home heating oil if you use oil to heat your water), but if you have a high pressure shower, turn this pressure down slightly, as these can sometimes use even more water than a bath.


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