Energy saving ideas for your renovation

A lot of energy saving advice and tips require you to make a significant investment in your home, which is sometimes not convenient or even possible without a total overhaul. However, when you’re planning a renovation or building a house from the ground up, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate some energy saving improvements right into the design. Here are some energy saving ideas for your renovation that will be quite simple to incorporate.


This is one of the key considerations for any new house (or old house for that matter). With the climate in Ireland being what it is, it’s important to think about how you’ll keep the heat in your home. Home heating oil is still one of the cheapest ways to heat your home so you can be sure with added insulation your home will stay toasty. Insulating your roof, walls and floors before you start to plaster or put flooring down is a crucial energy saving consideration at renovation stage for a happy, warm home.


Now is the time to upgrade and invest in energy efficient appliances that will help you save energy and money when in your new home. Opt for an energy efficient boiler, and for any appliances that need hot water, locating these close to your boiler will help to reduce heat losses in the pipes. Similarly make sure you’ve installed a water efficient shower head in your new master bathroom to cut down on costs associated with long showers in the morning.

Floor plan

Your dream house from your youth most likely looked like a mansion, with built in slide, swimming pool and acres of land (maybe even a moat?!). Faced with reality though, it’s likely that it’ll look somewhat different (or dare we say it, more practical). The bigger the house, the more there is to heat, maintain and clean – and of course, the bigger the cost. Now is the time to get clever with the layout, so you benefit from energy saving ideas without compromising on any of the fun design features.

Making the most of daylight

Your house should be south facing to make the most of the sun for the longest part of the day, and you should have windows that can open on more than one side of the house to allow for breezes through the house in the summer. Installing skylights is a great idea also, as you can make use of all the daylight possible without having to resort to electricity.

Outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space, why not make the most of this as an energy saving extension to your home? Creating a plot to grow vegetables or a creating a compost heap is very energy efficient and doesn’t cost a lot to get started. You can also collect rainwater and use this to water your plants. Solar powered lighting can light up your driveway without costing you a penny in electricity costs.

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