End of summer chores for your house and garden

The end of August typically means the end of summer, as we all prepare for the back to school rush of September and impending autumn. Before it gets here however, there are some essential end of summer chores for your house and garden that you need to tackle to ensure they remain in good shape throughout the colder, wetter months. Read on to find out more about the tasks you should be prioritising now so that you can relax a bit when the colder weather starts to creep in.

Pruning trees, shrubs and bushes

During the winter months most things in the garden tend to go into hibernation, so you don’t have to cut the grass or do the weeding (and probably won’t even be able to as the ground turns into mulch). So, get ahead now and prepare your garden plants by de-heading any old flowers, trimming any shrubs or bushes that grew over the summer and topping your trees to keep them neat over the winter.

Order home heating oil

You probably didn’t have your heating on much over the summer, but now is the time to order home heating oil so that you are fully prepared for the first cold snap of the year. Order from us and you’ll get a great deal, as well as a friendly service and cheap delivery when it suits you best. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best value for money, so get a quote online now in just a few minutes using our handy online form.

Bring plants indoors

Now is an ideal time to take a look at your garden and determine if there are any plants which will need to be brought indoors to survive the colder months. Greenhouses are great for this reason, but if you don’t have one just try and make a bit of room in the house for some of those prized pots! There’s a lot of money spent on flowers and plants for your garden so look after them now so that you can continue to enjoy them next year too.

Have your boiler serviced

One of your end of summer chores absolutely has to be getting your boiler serviced. Now is the time of year when you’ll really rely on it and if it hasn’t been used much over the past few months it’s best to get it checked out by a professional who can spot any potential problems before they start.

Clean gutters

If you haven’t cleaned your gutters out in the past year, do it now before the leaves in autumn clog them up even more and cause you serious problems with your drainage. There are gutter cleaning services available if you can’t do this yourself, so the only chore involved is making an appointment.

Fix any external leaks

Noticed a few drips coming from your outside tap? What about the gutters? If we have a cold winter with freezing conditions these small drips could turn into bigger problems if the water freezes, so get these repaired now otherwise you could be faced with all sorts of water-related problems in the winter.

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