Effortless ways to save money on energy every day at home

Energy bills are unavoidable, but increased charges on your bill might be easier to manage – as long as you are clever about how you use energy in your home. If you want to find ways to save a little on your heating and electricity bills each month here are some effortless ways to save money on energy every day at home.

Low flow shower heads and no baths 

If you use your home heating oil to heat your water for showers in the morning then switching to a low flow shower head so you use less water will be an effortless way to save money every day. If you can get into the habit of taking a bath as an occasional luxury instead of having one every day this can help save even more.

Find even more ways to save on your home heating oil bill

Have you checked out our website for more great tips on saving money on your home heating oil? We’ve shared a few ways to get the best possible deal with us when you order, plus some general tips and advice from the Sustainable Energy Authority in Ireland which are easy to start practising.

When you have the heating on, close the doors

It sounds obvious but many people will leave doors open between rooms when they have their heating on, and this just lets the hot air escape from your room into colder parts of the house. If you have poorly insulated rooms you’ll also notice this causes you to spend more on heating your home to a comfortable temperature, so try to remember to keep doors closed to keep heating contained in the rooms where you’ll feel most benefit from it.

Use your appliances cleverly

Your electronics are a big drain on your budget when it comes to household bills, so try and keep them in check by switching them off when you’re not using them instead of leaving them on standby, not leaving them to charge all night, and having bigger appliances like your boiler serviced regularly so that it works more efficiently. You should also put a full load in your washing machine each time you use it, and tightly pack your freezer so that the cooling system is working to cool food instead of cooling the air for no reason (a big waste of money!)

Clean out filters

Cleaning out filters will help your devices work more efficiently and safely – and you would be surprised at the number of items in your house that this applies to. You can clean filters from dehumidifiers, extraction fans in the bathroom and kitchen, hairdryers, the hoover and tumble dryers. It’s also important that you get your filters checked on your boiler during a service, but leave this one to a trained professional who can spot any problems which you might miss.

Curtains will help keep your heating in

When you have your heating turned on in the evening, always remember to close your curtains. This not only helps to keep your heating in your room instead of allowing it to escape from the window, but it also just feels cosier and a nicer place to be!

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